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  • hulksweider2000 hulksweider2000 Nov 5, 2009 4:51 PM Flag

    Coninue to comensate themselves

    for poor performance - they buy back stock and give it to themselves.

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    • I hear what you are saying.

      But when you have over 300 million dollars even $3 a share should be viewed as a pittance. Of course I am assuming that they care about shareholder value. We know what happens when one assumes.

    • Well except for this quarter they did bring the shares outstanding down. I'll give them that. But the bottom line is no matter how many shares are outstanding you have to run a business well. It doesn't seem like they are doing it.

      I guess I'm stuck here now. But on the next pop (assuming that there is one) please remind me to get out. I should have gotten out on that surge a few weeks ago but I wasn't around here long enough to know that things aren't likely to improve here.

    • theargo7 - "How crazy is that. "
      Not so crazy. They did not like the price so far. Too high for them to purchase. Now they guided lower, the share price will go down and they will happily buy it back themselves.

      Crazy like a fox.

    • you mean that something does not smell quite right? - they can just send everything out the back door like they have been doing - buy back stock and give it to themselves -

    • I hope I misheard. On the conference call they remarked about the lower number of shares bought back this quarter. Two reasons that they gave were: 1)the "higher" share price 2)the desire to preserve cash.

      How crazy is that.

    • hulksweider... - from what You say, there must be some method in this madness. These ACTS "managers" can not be this stupid.

      Running a company for 4 years and doing nothing to drive up sales is just dumb. The guy on the conference call did not even attempt to say that they are concerned and will try to do something.
      Their plan must be to get back most of the shares and de-list the company or something of that nature.

    • very minimal number of trades after hours - I have traded this between 6 and 7 - 5 and 6 - 4 and 5 - 3 and 4 - I have followed this even longer - so its over 3 years and probably close to 4 years - and its always something - it has been a steady decline - and even .23 in earnings - (including a tax break) did very little for the stock price that quarter -- The cash and book value are - the so called value - getting a bit old at this point - Something is not quite right here (period) - Wall Street is not so stupid that they have missed "such compelling value" for so long - its a piece of crap.

    • Yep, dead money. After hours were way more than just 2 share trades. Stock down 38cents.
      On the good side, it can not go too much below book and cash value which both are about $3.50 per share.

      The conference call did not clarify much. Stock answers that the market is hard and sales in Q4 expected to be lower. Why? Because the Q3 was unusually high due to special circumstances. Yes Hm, sounds very lame, but the guy would not say anything more. Period.

      I have a "conspiracy" idea. They buy back shares. It is in their interest to depress the price per share. I think this buyback is their main strategy at this time. What they just did assures the price at the lowest possible level.It clearly is legal. Why not.
      My take it that the company is small and run by some scamsters. There are not laws against giving low ball guidance. They should watch their backs. If they try to do something fishy they could be sued for fraud. My guess is they will not dare. Will just coast till they buy more shares and till the market will force them into higher product sales.

    • at least they have their bonuses taken care of. would not want them to have problems with motivation - I would not be concerned yet about the probable 2 share trade that went off after hours. This is however dead money - the company has no interest in making profit - for whatever reason.

    • Seems absurd. Even if there is usually a seasonal drop off, you would think that part of Q3 was effected by the "slower" economy that only ACTS seemed to see. So I would have thought that there should have been some kind of bump in Q4....or at least a smaller drop off.

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