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  • I sold nearly all of my Actions stock, though it took a bunch of days to do it because I didn't want to slam the price down. I still believe it's extremely undervalued, but I was getting tired of seeing no progress from management, just quarter after quarter of hoarding the cash. That money bought more shares of IMOS and AYR.

    If ACTS continues to drop I may eventually buy back in.

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    • Sounds like your sale marked the low point of the stock and you know it. You feel guilty about your sale and that is why you are trying to reafirm your decision by writing about it.

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      • Guilty? No, like I said I bought more shares of IMOS...look at the chart, it's tripled since the beginning of the year, and will easily double again from this level within the year. It worked out pretty well for me. I have no regrets, and if you guys make a bunch of money from Actions tomorrow I'll be happy for you. So far though, it's only 8 cents above its all time low, and below where I sold most of my shares.

        Actions could go up at any time, either because of its huge cash position or because of the many engineers they have finally coming up with a new product that takes hold. However, I didn't see either happen during the 4 years I held the stock. I'll watch from the sidelines for now.

      • Nobody can pick the low point of the stock. If this was such only time will tell.

    • I think I was buying your shares. I reinitiated at $1.66-1.72, because I think it is cheap enough...and I think the guidance for 15% revenue growth (or was it 15-20%) from management, this year, means we will probably be at $2.25-2.45 again, in the short to intermediate term, and possibly $3-4, long term.

      I'll continue to average down, from this point.

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