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  • shahabi5008 shahabi5008 Oct 27, 2008 4:32 PM Flag


    I have tried a few times to contact them at this email as listed on the web site. Nobody ever replied. I also tried calling after getting a receptionist I asked for someone in charge & I always get sent to a voicemail.

    No one is avilable to answer some important finacial questions about the company. If or when they decide to list some key details about this company I might have a second look.

    Right now all advertising appears to be geared toward collecting investor dollars. Where can we be buy an actual product this company may be making? What kind of budget is there? Who are the main officers of this company? Who are the main customers? When should we expect some financial reporting here?

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    • It sure looks and smells like a scam. I love this comment from the press release, though...

      "At Evolution Solar Corporation (Pink Sheets:EVSO - News), we continue to maintain a frantic pace to increase market share," commented Robert Kaapke CEO of Evolution Solar.

      A "frantic pace" to increase their undefined market share from 0.00% to what exactly? Some of these companies don't even try to be credible.

      I do see a lot of promotion of EVSO stock going on, though.

    • Of course it is. Look at CNFO and it is run by the same scammers. They bought banners on Forbes website and the pumper newswires and are taking orders. CNFO closed on thurs at .53 and the next morning eas selling below .20 all the way up to .53 again. Why? because this stock is being sold to anyone at anyprice until the invesntory is gone. Then this will be in the micro caps and on and on with the day trade crap so go ahead. Buy some, and when you try to sell it and get your money.

      Your broker will place the order and all the bids will drop below a dime until you cange it to a "market" order GTC.

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      • Nowadays, a significant portion of public corporations go into business to simply sell stock, not to make a profit on a product. It's the way of modern society.

        As those who have posted, it's really simple: No discussion of actual product, tons of money spent on advertising the stock, not the product.

        Now admittedly, there could be other reasons for being secretive. Look at my comment on TTRIF on the pink sheets. (I'll post it at the bottom for those who are interested in a comparison). <TTRIF> fears negative public opinion. But <EVSO> should be the opposite. You can't get more green then solar! So, you'd think they'd enjoy basking in the limelight of their new technology - IF THEY HAD IT!! ;-))

        And BTW, they are lots of companies WITH a product that are still scams: Global Crossing, WorldCom, Enron. SO BEWARE!!

        Here's my other post, by comparison:

    • I have followed this company for a while. I think it is interesting that you were not able to find this info. If this is true then I would not thisnk it is viable company. Certainly the infor you have sought shold be available.

    • Got this artical from YAHOO
      TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evolution Solar Corp. (Pink Sheets: EVSO - News), signs on to President Obama's New Energy Plan. The plan is designed to create millions of new Green Collar Jobs, aid the U.S. in its goal to reach energy independence, dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and stimulate the economy

    • Looks like this "scam" is being bought up.

    • There's an article on evso. TEMPE, Ariz., Jan 22, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Evolution Solar Corp. (Pink Sheets:EVSO) was selected by Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc. of Saratoga Springs, New York, to serve as a partner to pursue the development of a 5 megawatt Solar Plant in southern Florida. The $400,000,000.00 plant will be funded by a private Florida developer and will be built, operated, and maintained by the partnership. "We are past the RFQ stage and are now detailing final negotiations," stated Tim Brock, CEO of Atlantic Energy Solutions.

      Atlantic Energy Solutions
      www.big charts .com Can anyone tell me where i can find more info on these Folks. Terrydisok.

    • EVSO is not a scam; it is the way of the future.
      Check out the recent news on Yahoo and Market Watch about this stock.
      After reading your comments I decided to do a little research myself. I called the co.; was sent to a voicemail; called back and was foward to the owner Robert. He is doing a lot for this co. and he is on the right track.

    • thomasbaird1 Jan 19, 2009 11:49 AM Flag

      Do they use thin flim tech nology like FSLR and ENER or Solar tech like STP SWPRA TRL JASO?

    • I mentioned some of your points below in a reply. No one responded.

      I have not tryed to contact the Co. I would like to know how a Co. can get a $700 Mil contract or whatecre and have more contracts stated to come this year. I know .PK status lets you 'slide' pettry good, at presenting any figures or data to your common share investors. Evidently, no one is following this Co.? There is really 'nothing' on the Co. website that offers data or photos of their products.

      For example, the Co. talks about a solar-powered air cooler. Grat! Lets see it. The concept has been around since the 1980s in various forms. One method uses solar electricitiy to power bi-metal thermocouples like junctions and by reversing the current in these thermonic junctions . . . a cooling effect is produced. Another pushs solar-powered, electric pump air exhaust through a t-shaped open end tube. this uses the venturi effect to ccol air. Another uses a radiator of ammonia as a refri-jant, and the blower is solar-powereed. This is not rocket science and is curently public domain stuff (off-patent).