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  • victoryhammer09 victoryhammer09 Nov 28, 2009 7:04 AM Flag

    Cash $7.50/share, and no debt!

    What am I missing here, cash $7.50/share, no debt and an interesting pipeline. Am I missing something here? If just another lost soul in a tough market, then I guess I have to own this stock and wait. Reminds me of FACT, and that one worked out pretty well for me.

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    • your logic is unassailable.

    • Until they show that they can advance a drug candidate or two, they're a pot of cash with a leak in it: no catalyst for a price rise.

      Test results so far have been encouraging, but not the sort of dramatic stuff that gets accelerated marketing approval.

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      • "Until they show that they can advance a drug candidate or two, they're a pot of cash with a leak in it: no catalyst for a price rise."

        every company that does not earn money is a leaking pot. it comes down to risk vs reward, and in doing so discounting the burn and market potential with the risk one takes in owning as asset.

        the jury is out on azixa, but if we assume it's doa, then we will assume the company will end the trial over the next year, and minimize burn. by then they'll have enough data to make that determination. they are very good managers and will make the necessary decision...that i know. we will see what gbm data looks like very soon.

        regardless, 1 of the 3 should hit, maybe more. the odds, given the anecdotal and empirical data so far, are very low that they will all be non-approvable.

        if one hits, it's a $10-$30 stock. If 2 hit, it's a $20 - $60 stock...etc. A partnership of one of the 3 drugs or more, adds $1-3 per share, a buyout doubles the stock price overnight.

        In order to be wrong and lose here, all 3 drugs need to fail, no partnership, no buyout, and even then it will take 3 years to go to 0. That assuming they don't kill any of the trials along the way. You make your own decision, but i have made too much investing in stocks like this to pass it up. of course there's always a first. imo, you wont get a better risk/reward than this one, if so, point it out to me and ill sell myrx and buy your stock.

      • Then I have missed something here!

        Bevirimat is given fast-track and Azixa against GBM was just granted orphan drug status. Myriad may have 2 blockbusters on the market in 2011!

        And the value of the company is what cash/cash equivalents will be in about 12 month from now.

        This is just ridiculous!

        Btw, I saw on a swedish forum that A.Hobden still have 234,000 shs in MYGN.

        To bring confidence into the market it would be appreciated if he had more MYRX than MYGN.

        If he doesn't think it's a bargain at these levels who will?

      • A cheaper biotech stock there does not exist, especially with zero financing risk AND unpartnered assets. Good updates on all three drugs in human studies since spin out to go along with new pre-clinical program and slower than expected cash burn.

        MYRX is best risk vs. reward I can find anywhere in the market today. Buy now for big long-term gains.

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