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  • jacosa jacosa Nov 30, 2010 11:30 AM Flag

    MYRX, AZN in New York Times

    All nice, but too far off to affect stock price today.

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    • jacosa,

      take a look at Agios that also figures in the article i NYT!

      Look at the deal with Celgene signed during the spring. Agios technology is what I guess you call "too far off"

      "Under the terms of the agreement, Agios will receive a $130 million upfront payment, including an equity investment. In return, Celgene receives an initial period of exclusivity during which it has the option to develop any drugs resulting from the Agios cancer metabolism research platform, In addition, Celgene may extend this exclusivity period through additional funding. If successful, Agios would receive substantial regulatory, clinical and commercial milestones."

      Nice deal if you ask me.
      MYRX could be sitting on a diamond in the rough with its MPC-9528;

      "MPC-9528 displays on-target activity in tumor cells by potently reducing NAD levels, which leads to inhibition of glycolysis, energy deprivation and cell death, while NAD in normal tissues is less affected. In efficacy studies, MPC-9528 causes dramatic tumor regressions in multiple tumor types when administered orally with either a low daily dose or higher intermittent dose schedule. MPC-9528 is primed to be the best-in-class Nampt inhibitor with great potential for treating a wide variety of cancers."

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