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  • brilliantpost4u brilliantpost4u Oct 1, 2011 12:16 AM Flag

    A new high priced CFO?

    This better be a prelude to liquidating the company, or I am going to be even MORE angry. Why the heck do we need a new fat paycheck when the company is making nothing, no plans to make anything, and living off daddy's bankroll (spinoff cash). I guess I will never invest in a Utah company again.

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    • Leave already, neither of us knows what the future will bring for Myrexis.

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      • Why don't you leave already twelvetooth? What is the most intelligent thing you have ever posted? "Azixa is not dead"? (the CEO says it is). "Hobden is brilliant"? (he is a total business moron who drove this company into the tank).
        "Something is afoot" (fascinating post) You have been part of the problem, not the solution. Why don't you take a long hike in Moab and mysteriously get lost.

      • I listened to the latest presentation (Q&A not webccast). It sure sounded like the new business plan is to license the entire pipeline and get out of the research business. That would make the CFO a key player.

        I'd be pitching Azixa mostly to Roche; a combination with Avastin looks extremely attractive in principle (but very expensive to develop). Of the active programs, I'd be pushing hardest to license the metabolism inhibitor: the other two have the potential to become a lot more valuable than they presently are with a little more research.

        This train wreck makes me appreciate Incyte a lot more. Their stock is way off, but starting from the same sort of discovery program, and with a lot less seed money, they're getting two drugs to market [almost] for sure. The key seems to be that their technical leader is almost as good a money guy as the real money guys.

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