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  • bogat_pich bogat_pich Nov 1, 2011 1:50 PM Flag

    MYRX web site

    ...has been changed and there is no mention of Azixa anymore anywhere. The current pipeline looks pretty sad with early stage development.

    ... Which reminds me that I voted down the proposed directors in the proxy vote my broker sent me. I encourage you to do so too - we need to force the sell out of the company, though with such an unproven pipeline, this won't fetch much.

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    • Sigh. Myrexis has never in its short history been anything other than a small productless drug developer. I have been around since before the beginning (I owned MYGN for some years before the spin-out).

      And yes, I'm shocked that anyone has enough money to care much about invested in one small productless drug developer. Now there were some people early on who saw the pot of cash and expected the company to be liquidated within the first year. That was a pretty bad idea by any standard that has ever produced positive returns, but it was an idea that could justify a large investment. From the lack of screaming, I think most of those people have moved on.

      Some companies succeed and some fail. Some have succeeded right away and some succeed after an interval. The fact that another little drug developer has succeeded proves nothing with regard to this one. Among the ones I follow, it is considered very good to have 2 compounds in phase 2 when your lead compound is starting phase 3. Just in case, you know.

      I'm not concerned much with when ->I<- would call a drug [program] dead. I'm much more concerned that we have a clever and plausible liar around who told us that Mr Lollini SAID that that program was dead (when blah blah blah). I only average mind the average liar, but someone who picks a screen name to trumpet his cleverness and habitually tells lies that mix in enough truth to pass casual examination gets to me. Maybe he'd go away if I ignored him, but I got into the habit of pointing out what he was doing when we were heavily infested with liquidation birds.

    • sigh ...jacose ...just when I though that you might not be such a jerk:
      1. Yes, there are other investors besides you, who have also purchased MYRX stocks, maybe a lot more than you. Shocked?
      2. MYRX was not a super-early development stage company when most of us bought into it. It just became such due to its mismanagement. It is not a very small company either - other companies with less employees and cash do significantly better. Check INHX today, which accidentally also still lists a practically dead drug on it web site ...for 5 years now (Aurexis). But it still lists it.
      3. Most of us are too busy to get into details of when a drug is death or not. If it has 1% or 0.1% chance in being resurrected are just details.

    • Oh? You called me a jerk, and I take exception to that.

      I'd like to hear a story (That's supposed to be a reference to "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy") about how people uncomfortable with the way small productless drug developers work come to have a significant interest in MYRX.

    • But the fact that Azixa is not mentioned on the web site anymore does not jive with our friend Jacosa's assertion that Azixa is not dead. How can that be? Jacosa must be a liar?

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