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  • jacosa jacosa Nov 10, 2011 11:28 AM Flag

    Nov 9 CC

    I don't see why the liquidationists are still unhappy, it was a pretty liquidationist call. The anti-cancer programs are being pursued to the point where they become licensable. To the extent that we know trial designs, they're conservative (in SHARP contrast to the Azixa + Carboplatin trial, which was a shot for the fences). I still don't see how you get specific drug candidates from the anti-[early letter]interferon program with no medicinal chemistry staff.

    When I was a postdoc, I attended a week-long seminar on anti-cancer drugs held in Chicago. [Google 'Krebiozen' to get the background on what follows]. What with the place, the subject matter and the optimistic mood of the presentors I asked what to make of Andrew Ivey, who destroyed a previously-outstanding career in pursuit of a vain anti-cancer hope. The answer was along the lines of "This stuff is HARD. You have to believe almost religiously in what you're doing to get a drug to clinical trials. It's inevitable that there will be casualties."

    You just can't get that 'succeed or die happily' commitment from a Contract Research Organization. So I don't see how liquidationists get much value from the anti-interferon program.

    And of course the "Chairman said Azixa is DEAD" vampire got staked and garlicked. I'm no saint; I have to gloat a bit.

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    • And yet another liquidationist move from Lollini. I'm starting to come around from the other side to agree with the haters. Either you're trying to develop drugs or you're managing a pot of money. Do one or the other (or even try both); don't just throw your hands in the air. And they're GOOD drug candidates, more's the shame. Patients DESERVE to have them developed.

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      • Told you! If I were you I would ask for my education money back. Was I right on HIV drugs? Was I right that the company MUST NOT GO ALONE with phase IIb trial?
        Having a Ph.D. in biology it doesn't make you smart. The US educational system just produces a bunch of STUPID Ph.D. who are essentially book-readers or -keepers, not independent thinkers what it supposed to. You can read but you can't think critically and strategically.

        Your little mind obviously can't comprehend Lollini's strategy. It's in no way that a small cap biotech can't compete head to head with the big one. So if you can't beat em join em. Lollini knows how to run a public company profitably, it's quite possible that he can turn MYRX into a second profitable biotech without products in the sector. The first one I know is NBIX!

        How? MYRX in my view has the most attractive internally developed pipeline in the sector especially for small caps. All are either best or first in-class potentials.

        Here is an quick analysis of MPC-3100 from the average man:
        1) MPC-3100 is the ONLY HSP90 in trials that can be delivered DAILY, actually even better BID. Intuitively, it should be quite advantageous!
        2) MPC-3100 is the safest HSP90. No deaths reported in its trial (26 patients) in comparison to the self-acclaimed safest HSP90, Ganetespib, 2 deaths in each of PI trials (26 and 42 patients).

        3) As for efficacy, MPC-3100 appeared to be even better than Ganetespib. Since the first 6 patients belonged to the 1st dosing schedule (21/28) was UNDERDOSED, they shouldn't be counted, so the SD rate is 12/20 = 60%, not 12/26 = 42%.

        4) You UNETHICALLY argued that the company should spend more in phase I, what for? since first MPC-3100 alone can't save patients' lives, second they got more than what they want from the trial, safety and sign of efficacy.

        Lastly I'm glad that Laslie is gone. Anyone involved in the STUPID Jav acquisition MUST GO. Boy! why are there so many stupid sucidal people in the stock market?

      • These latest lay-offs are a GOOD THING, if they affected non-clinical personal. Cancer victims will get a better chance to access these promising compounds, if MYRX is liquidated and compounds get under more experienced management. Shareholders would also benefit from a liquidation. Bob Lollini needs to make a deal on one or more of the compounds sooner rather than later, if he wants to stay as CEO.

        Unfortunately, in this market climate deals are hard to achieve...

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