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  • investron Sep 27, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    The Trip To Double Digits

    has begun in earnest after the first dollar above $5.

    The journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step. - Lao Tzu

    We're on our way.

    Good luck, pilgrims, Godspeed.

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    • The trip to double digits is going to get sidelined untill after the budget & debt limit BS is all said and done.

      IMO, the month of October is going to be tough for all retail longs.

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      • It didn't go down when the maket went 5% in June, so I don't think it is becasue of that.

        I think expectations have now become been very high, considering where the stock was last April. The conference call( aug 7, 2013) which actually I asked a question, was disappointing. That is,, ARWR is now apathetic or neutral to the obese modality.

        In additiuon, I called and spoke to Dr.Anzalone and he was only intersted in putting hsi eggs in ar -520C basket which I said was a mistake.Because a real effective vector for directily attacking the fat cell, as a function of concentration was very exciting to me and was the catalyst that instigated me to buy the stock in teh first place.

        With that in the pipeline, if it works, would be collosal. So I am interpretting that it must not work, since they are letting their licenseing partner do all teh work and have't yet fullly moved in full phase 1 from June 2012.
        Sorry but , in the long run , maybe they willbe successful with the Ar -520 adn all I am saying with be BS and superflous.. I hope I am fiull of it.. Not ready tro sell

      • investron Sep 30, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

        Arrowhead's assets in hand would fetch at least a $billion in the present RNAi market.

        That is $30 a share.

        When the DPC platform proves itself in clinical trials that value will go up in multiples.

        The stock closed at $6.05 last Friday.

        ARWR has no where to go but up towards double digits.

        Revisit my post below, what's the difference between $4 and $6?

        ALNY has gone up $30-40 since I called attention to it on this board.

        ARWR has gone up $3-4 and all the penny traders are dizzy with vertigo off the first step.

        Judging from panama53red's post, quite a contrast from his last post, he unloaded and is now hoping to buy back lower.

        To each his own, but at today's single digit prices the greater risk is to be left behind as the stock marches towards its actual nominal value in the double digits.

        investron • Aug 6, 2013 5:10 PM 3users liked this postsusers disliked this posts0Reply

        wyattkap seems increasingly upset that ARWR continues to climb.

        Perhaps the train left him at some past stations where he got off since he "bet this stock is wiped [sic] all around over the next many years."

        His comment while seemingly sane and it would be in the triple digits, is rather comical at $4 and change.

        In truth, ARWR trading in the double digits would be merely reflecting on its assets, without any accounting for HepB functional cure.

        The steady rise of merely a dime or two would be the minimum in the old days of eighths but has today's penny traders all dizzy with vertigo.

        It shows a very disciplined accumulation by sophisticated large buyers who could otherwise quadruple this low float stock overnight. Less

      • Nothing tough about holding and accumulating. The value of this company is not dependent on the budget and debt theater... not at all.

      • This stock has been moving independent of the general market for some time now. Aside from short hiccups I look for that trend to continue thru this great dysfunctional hiccup of gov't "shutdown" that is mainly just an extremist tantrum.

    • When you see the Investment Funds and Corporate Buyers increase... up, up and away.. (Just take a look who owns ALNY..)

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