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  • investron Oct 23, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    The Legitimacy

    of having two numbers attached to your stock appears at hand.

    Time for the new leading edge to get the spotlight.

    Understand that RNAi is far more potent than antisense.

    And where targeted delivery is key, DPC is far superior.

    Understand the science and you'll understand ARWR...

    Why a large investor switched, from their large position in TKMR.

    RNAi has been ten very expensive years in the making.

    The time for its prodigal heir - DPC - to rule has arrived.

    Science is based on verifiable facts which become known and adopted.

    And where one technology is far superior, yesterday's techs fall by the wayside.

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    • Effective and Safe dsRNAi Drug Delivery outside the liver will be the keys to an investment fortune.

      Don't discount Antisense like so many investors on the Alnylam board have done. Just look at ISIS and its broad developing pipeline with several blockbusters and the validating technology Biogen Partnership.

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      • ALNY has actually lost ground IMO to ISIS. They have had two layoffs in the last 18 months. Thus with less employees they have less programs. Their "famous" 5 X 15 deal has one drug that just moved from preclinical into the lab. They just started using sq injections for a delivery system with ISIS using that for over 15 years. They won't be able to grow their pipeline as fast, they won't have as many drugs, they couldn't figure out how to use ssRNAi technology and ISIS has coupled with their new delivery system making that a whole possible new platform, ISIS is the world leader in genetic splicing with only three drugs really in trials now, ISIS SMN drug, SRPT's drug and RGEN's drug. They already have some revenues coming in from Atlantic in regards to their ICAM-1 inhibitor, they almost have a fully enrolled trial for their Factor XI inhibitor, and the list goes on and on. There is no biotech that has received this much milestone payments this last 18 months, or made this many new deals. There is possible money to come in from PFE in regards to their CTGF inhibitor, they still own 21% of RGLS, and you should hear shortly about their STAT3 inhibitor in the news again. Moreover, their SMN drug has seen the highest demand that Dr. Crooke has ever seen and he helped develop Tagament and cis-Platinum with Tagament at one time being the highest selling drug in the world. This company equals about five or six biotechs in regards to potential all rolled up in one company. t

      • investron Oct 24, 2013 12:54 PM Flag


        Don't discount film. Just look at Kodak. - boxcarlong (paraphrase)

    • Great post...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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