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  • bikerieder61 bikerieder61 Nov 1, 2013 4:19 AM Flag


    It was really funny to see the panic for the last few days, specially the last two days.
    The message board is like going to a psychiatrist. Help me or at least hear me...
    Do you really think your message has an impact to the selling or to the buying??
    No, or at least not to the people who have done their DD.
    Nothing has changed in ARWR.
    They have about 90 millions cash on the hand. So for the next 3 years they are done.
    They have with the DPC the best RNAi-platform, two IND ready new candidates, phase IIa Hong Kong soon, new chimp data on sunday, etc
    A lot of news are coming till the end of the year!
    If you have a timeframe of 3 years like me, a done DD, confidence in the mgmt ant the tech, it's just funny to see people panicing about a 20% drop.
    Live as a investor is so much more relaxing than the live of a penny flipper...
    Go long in ARWR for 2-3 years and have fun!

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    • Not really......People buy and sell at different points........My profit point might be your entry point and likewise with me buying could be your exit....

    • Whats FUNNY to me is how so many are "LOVE SICK CONVINCED" this is the COMPANY of the future with such LITTLE Trial work completed. PLUS-no one knows what else is coming down the pike in another company that can derail their products. That is the high risk game of Pharmaceuticals! Great Patent Protected Products that do the job BEST and it can change over night with any new product out there.

      As for being a penny flipper. THAT IS THE FUN ALSO! I LOVE to build FREE positions in 10 GREAT companies with the SAME RISK CAPITAL over a period of time. LOVE those 20% to 50% drops to take advantage of with the natural ups and downs of any product going through strenuous multi-year testings. When 95% of all Pharmaceuticals GO BROKE and believe me many have taken GREAT DRUG ideas to Phase 3 completion, and met FULL FDA protocol only to be pushed back and BURIED. Pharmaceuticals have the highest RISK and REWARD ratio in the Speculation Game! That is why my portfolio is balanced with many other industries and for the time being, lots of ENERGY STOCKS that are growing and others paying wonderful dividends as I watch their stock values GROW GROW GROW.

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      • There's nothing wrong with trading a stock. What I find despicable are the two-faced louts that scream "fire" to panic others in their own direction, regardless of the existence of flames, or even smoke. Some tout their years of experience and yet show no comprehension what the real fundamental issues are. Their "expertise" is limited strictly to the numbers of movement..."this baby is going to 6" or "the bottom is falling out". I welcome discussion of real strengths or weaknesses in any stock I own. What you get from the penny-flippers is the shallowest of the shallow.

    • Well said. It's an interesting psychological dynamic (investing). As a long-time frind of mine has told me (he has been on Wall Street for 35+ years) - "investing in stocks (with the hope of eventual profit) requires the ability to detach yourself (as best as you can) from your emotions". The longs on this stock have a bright future. IMO.

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