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  • wyattkap wyattkap Dec 6, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    Darn-I missed my profit by ONE HALF OF ONE PENNY

    Purchased a few thousand shares near Thanksgiving at $7.759 and as I watched it bust through $9.20 and settled back, I put in a sell order at $9.15 and it crawled back to $9.145 and then DUMPED to where we are today. OH-well, I'll pick up some more soon and we should see a push up as the trial is underway and announced. FUN to have a stock that swings so much.

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    • LOL,

      It appears you threw in the towel and bought ARWR not on weakness but on strength. This directly contradicts your self-touted stock market strategy based on years of experience.

      Further, it appears that your intention was to sell your newly acquired position without accumulating the "free" shares you have repeatedly claimed was your strategy for long term wealth creation and risk management. In other words, despite your denials, you are indeed a short term trader.

      Now go ahead and attack me as someone who is just too dimwitted to understand your posts.

      BTW, I am not criticizing you for trading ARWR. I just don't like dishonest and manipulative posts.

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      • OH, one more thing. DID I say I was selling ALL MY SHARES??? If it goes too high, YES, I WILL sell all and then so as I repurchase I can BUY MORE shares with the casino money. WOW-do you just pick and pick and make things up and then tell me I'm dishonest. I'd hate to be your nose the way you pick -pick and pick without much of a strategy. Do you think every thing, every trade, every trade strategy is just BLACK AND WHITE ONLY??? PLAY THE GAME kid and see what the stocks offer you and how other people are playing the game. Having the best cards doesn't mean your going to with the POT. LOOK at every detail from the news, to the personalities involved, how the company releases information, the value of the information, the value of the NEXT expected information, the general feelings of the market in general, the feelings of this particular sector, AND THE VOLUME swings and Market Cap realities. SO-go ahead and tell me how dishonest and manipulative my posts are. I Play the hands I'm shown and understand. WHAT MANIPULATION can a single person do to a $230 MILLION dollar company trading 10,000 to 15,000 shares at any give time to build up a free position over a dozen or so trading opportunities??? ARE YOU FOR REAL? AT THIS TIME I'd SAY "ONLY IN YOUR OWN MIND"!

        Hey, I see you have the time and need more to think about-I have another one I've been in and out of a dozen times and NOW I see BIG THINGS happening very SOON. I have a small position now that I've earned "FREE", and will hold off buying back in for more until the (COMBO-FUNDING/Stock Split is completed and I get a feel for the environment). CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME YOUR WISDOM on this one. ADMP BIG TIME CEO with a world class history and a KILLER DEAL with 3M??? You don't have all your "peep eggs" in one little basket do you?? Find another HORSE to RUN for your FUTURE as they all don't make it to the finish line alive?? Have a great weekend kid!!

      • WOW-do you get everything BACKWARDS???? Yes-I sold in the $8+ range and then it dipped down into the $6's and I didn't pull the trigger as I still see a gap to be filled. BUT-then the volume picks back up so I went for the ride as I KNEW it would drop back off. OH-that is exactly what happened. FOLLOW the VOLUME at times my friend, it leads to profits. YES, I missed selling by 1/2 of ONE CENT via my limit order and I was on the road all day. Close but no cigar, but I LOVE this stock as it moves all over and it is gushing with LOVE SICK people like you that love to pick a part anyone that thinks different. YOU do your your thing and I'll do mine. MINE WORKS quite well for over 30 years. I expect another great move up as the trial is officially started. Another BIG RUN to make more FREE STOCK.

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