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  • blackbart_jj blackbart_jj Sep 19, 2009 4:31 AM Flag

    GW Bush talks w/Daick in his Mouth

    President George H.W. Bush nominated Judge Kent.
    Impeachment of Samuel B. Kent, judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas is completed!
    NOW Oklahoma, Judge Donald D. Thompson is being arraigned alongside the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (McAAP) pervert Director (arraigned in reciprocal-erotic asphyxiation with a transvestite [who didn't realize that the Director was into really really rough sex!/WAS IT MURDER?!?])--together they shall all live behind bars!

    Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay was almost appointed Treasury Secretary By Bush. Kenneth declined!

    Dan Boren next to defraud America with DAC & McAAP . . .
    Dan Boren has been recognized by Bush--->what's his story??????????

    This shows the scope of the upcoming defruad at McAAP/DAC
    sponsored by Boren--

    "In a nutshell: Enron gave Bush $millions to sponsor his rise from a losing Candidate for the US House to the "leader of the free world." In return, Bush gave Enron "hire
    and fire" authority over the FERC, and performed other favors in return for money. This directly and personally ties Bush to the Enrongate scandal in all its illegality."

    Bush used stolen money to run a campaign, largely focused on the Hispanic voting population--of which 30% are illegally registered under false social security numbers....because stolen money was use by the campaign to garner illegitimate votes...then GW Bush must be an illegitimate President!!

    Dan Boren has been recognized by Bush--->what's his story??????????

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    • I don't know if you are aware of it or not but ...

      "Last week, a panel of 14 Army officers and enlisted personnel found Master Sgt. Timothy Hennis guilty of three counts of premeditated murder for the May 9, 1985, stabbing deaths of Kathryn Eastburn and two of her daughters, 5-year-old Kara and 3-year-old Erin, in their Summerhill Road home. Prior Master Sgt. Timothy Hennis had been stationed at McAAP in McAlester Oklahoma, whereupon he linked up with on-base Meth Labs operators and acquired an addiction. It's indicated that this addiction contributed to his behavior."

      Taxpayers paid for it!

    • Yeah George had The USArmy's DAC Director's BFD...Go'dmmmmed perverted politician, gay-hugging Texan.

      We need to clsoe these Go'dmmmmed fraternity houses of Govt SpongeBobs like DAC. Even the Muslims wanna put a boot up their sorry MF Arsses. they'd beter home i calm down someday, theres some payne comin their way!

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