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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Nov 19, 2011 12:08 PM Flag

    quarterly report in 2 weeks =bbd.b bleeding

    all resourses going to the c series,at the expense of other aircraft,9 million shares more than previous month being shorted okay genius what does that mean?

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    • Thanks for calling me Genius. You're welcome to use Genie for short.

      A. Most sites are hiding the current Consensus, so we have no idea what it IS right now, let alone whether they are likely to beat! This could reflect several analysts redoing their figures. Or it could be deliberate camouflage coddling TSX insiders - i.e. major Canadian market makers - caught up in the MF nexus fallout.

      B. Added Short figures several weeks out of date always. And it matters a LOT who those added Shorts were, which of course, we are never able to find out. I think the added Shorts are Bullish, in the wake of MF, especially if various "rogues" at various houses have been told in no uncertain terms to reduce long-standing, unproductive Short positions as quickly as humanly possible.

      C. In any and every stock, the question is, Who is more patient now, the Shorts or the Longs? With this now long-term rout in Bomber stock, I think Weak Longs caved in literally ages ago. Now - see above - even semi-Strong Shorts are under pressure to cover and free up their bosses' cash. That would make this earnings report pretty irrelevant - although I think it will be perfectly OK, based on their near-term record. If the stock has put in a bottom, the stock has put in a bottom, period. And the big profit quarters of the year are the next two, although - as I said - we started to see the turnaround here last December.

      D. The good PR that potentially moves the stock is definitely over the next few months: From China, from Russia, from developing nations, from UK saving face, and possibly even from Southwest's new restructuring.

      E. I'm getting in a cash windfall and would be delighted to double up, if you gift me with the chance. I don't think that's going to happen. But hit me with your best shot, Poopsiekins.

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      • mr genie.(cripto jammerh)quite a cammelian you are.. public relations department working weekends..YOU ARE AN UNDERCOVER PUBLIC RELATIONS MAN FOR BBD..why do you always shield management, which at its best is incompetant as witnessed at the recent dubai air show.. are you getting paid.. were you happy with upper management performance if so then you should identify yourself as a pr person for bbd ...lets make it simple were you happy with mr. hatchet man,s performance yes or no....,,,

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