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  • mroleandn2000 mroleandn2000 Aug 10, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    Dearest Venny

    What, no comment Venny?

    No accusations that I must belong to this group, that group, have affiliations with this group, that group?

    Surely I must be a member of some evil anti-BBD movement, right?

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    • Not anti-BBD.


      And Ooooooooooooooh, why do we suddenly see that class action signaler ad whenever you appear?

      The class action in question is being initiated, so MANY say, against Muddy Waters.

      One of Little Carson's former close associates, a Canadian, has been blabbing like crazy to authorities first in Canada and now, many strongly believe, in the US.

      This has NOTHING - repeat NOTHING - to do with Bombardier.

      But the harassment of ME on the Bombardier board and possible naked shorting of Bombardier stock "for fun" may very well be a childish and dirty response to the perception that I hurt Little Carson and everyone associated with him in another mammoth battle.

      Not that I am the only one gunning for Little Carson. Half of Canada is gunning for him. And virtually all of China is. If the US is finally joining in, Little carson better dive into those Muddy Waters and stay there.

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