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  • venerability2 venerability2 Aug 10, 2012 8:59 PM Flag

    You Want Some Hard Facts, Mole?

    Based on ERJ's last earnings report, it is trading at a P/E of 22!!! now.

    If Bomber were trading at a P/E of 22, even on this last report, probably the lowest net of the year, it would be trading at 9.

    (Boeing's P/E has been upped considerably as of its last report, too. It is now at a P/E of 13.

    Airbus's P/E is not even available, since they have had so many outright quarterly losses.

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    • Comparisons don't cut it, witness QLTI, RIM, NT, just to name a few.

      Face it, Canadian firms are targets. Get used to it.

      We're supposed to be "hewers of wood" and "diggers of ore", not technological achievers (witness the Avro Arrow, as a history lesson).

      You still haven't replied to my "toxic and offensive" post, Venny, even after I modified it to incorporate current economic events.

      You're a "bot" chaser, Venny....nothing more, nothing less.

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