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  • mroleandn2000 mroleandn2000 Aug 12, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Venny, you used petite_sophistication

    Well, I don't need the money, but the entertainment value would be well worth the experience....

    It's odd that the whole "Robot Kitt Carson from California" rant came about from her reluctance to comment on my original truthful, verifiable and unbiased assessment of BBD.

    Que sera, sera.

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    • Your Botnets For Rent outfit - is finally under siege, Mr. Mole. Or shall we say Mr. Carson, destroyed of peaceful native americans.

      it really is high-time you - i.e. your Botmasters - did some serious soul-searching.

      If the Yahoo boards are pretty much only three or at the most five rented Botnets versus ME and a (very) few other brave humans who do battle with them, the Yahoo boards are close to having outlived their utility as sources of information.

      What a treat it would be to have OPEN Yahoo boards with NO Botnets or Script Bots allowed and humans able to post freely without being harassed by the likes of Mr. Mole.

      We all know you had a campaign against me even worse - if that is possible - at Banro last year, after which it broke convincingly into a new, higher trading range.

      These "Battles for the Bottom" are tiresome at this point.

      Sometimes, you catch them. Sometimes, I catch them. Sometimes, we both catch them.

      Only I catch mine honestly, without resorting to spewing Malware and hurting people gratuitously.

      That's because I'm an actual human being.

      Botnets controlled by algorithms have no feelings, so they don't mind bullying and hurting others, often destroying lives in the process.

      Finally, this debate is coming into market - and public - consciousness.

      No longer is it only I and a very few others brave enough to take on the Bots. More and more commentators are becoming whistleblowers. And soon, we will be an army.

      My commentary has been excellent - and generally right on the money - for years now.

      And now, even my trading is catching up to my thinking. It's impossible to compete on a really level playing field with computers.

      I do not even consider you to be a live human being. You are a bot, with all the personality and sensibility of a fruit fly. A warm blooded Mole has more warmth than your namesake, Poopsie.

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