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  • mroleandn2000 mroleandn2000 Aug 31, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    virtual flight :virtual mayday $ 352

    and wow, Blurtsy.......just look at that massive volume.

    You really do need a hobby.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • other message boards are criticle of bbd management, you however are on the other side... remember the article in aviation week is a clear admission that the 145 seater c series plane was a mistake mr. dewar vp of bbd the c series project stated we have to decide soon if we are to prceed with the 160 seater.....a clear and unequivical admission of a mistake in the choice of seat capacity........

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      • Nothing virtual here buddy, it's a REAL POS.

      • Blurtsy! Really? "criticle"? Did you mean "critical"? That's only your most glaring mistake. Damn, work on the spelling, will you? I'm ashamed for you

        As to "other message boards" , I base my investment decisions on my own DD and requirements, not upon the opinion polls of people on obscure message boards who don't perform proper DD, understand the investment risk and who are now underwater. Understand what you buy and you won't have any massive surprises. Management isn't going to change, get used to the idea. You might see some fluffy shuffling, but the controlling shareholders are definitely in charge and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

        As to seating capacity, a stretch version isn't a stretch. Fifteen seats isn't like they have to re-invent aviation. If they build a 160 seater, you can be sure that the 145 seater will be the base. No biggie.

        Now, I'm still up on this particular stock buy, but it's a single stock in a portfolio of investment vehicles. Simple, really. I have no emotional attachment, I'm just confident that within 5 years, I'll triple on this particular equity.

        If you hate your investment decision so much, have lost confidence in its ability to give you a decent return over time, if it no longer fits with your investing goals, then take the loss and move on. Ranting and raving and squealing and whining has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the price movement of this, or any other, equity.

        Now, work on that spelling. Truly.

        Sentiment: Buy

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