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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Sep 4, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    aviation week article :quebec election hurting bbd

    rob dewar's ( vp c series ) comment last week in aviation week, stating that bbd 'thinking ' about a 160 seater plane to meet the demands of its clients.... this statement is a clear admission that the 145 seater plane isnt selling .....138 firm orders for the c seriesm denotes ( spells ) failure anyway you look at it... rob dewars comments will negate any interest for the 145 seater at the coming istanbul airshow and clients will demand a 160 seater..... so management has frittered away 8 years of endless marketing studies, and engineering hours worth about 4 billion dollars... and now coming out with ' thinking of a new 160 seater plane is beyond incompetant management : this means starting from scratch with manufacturing and engineering studies with a window of 8 years from concept to production of first flight...: finally exucutives and the whole management team should resign... and shareholders should ask the following question :::: ARE YOU BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO !!!! qubec separatist are not helping bbd...

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    • I eagerly await your reply, Blurtsy.

      Where's Venny? Why did she never comment on my factual, verifiable, truthful and unbiased post as pertains to BBD and current economic conditions?

      Oh yeah, because I'm a "bot"..................LOL

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    • Well, maybe the rest of the country should just let Quebec go. Quebec is a net recipient of federal funds, it costs us to keep them in confederation. It's just bribe after bribe after bribe. The last time they threatened to leave, all the major corporate names packed up their head offices and moved to Toronto.

      I find it funny, though, that Quebec wants to continue to use the Canadian dollar should they secede, and the right to continue to use Canadian that's asserting your sovereignty. Taking orders from someone else's central bank and using their embassies really shows that you're on your own and to be respected internationally. LOL C'est la vie.

      As I've said before, Blurtsy, stretching a C-Series to gain an additional 15 seats isn't a huge engineering feat. However, it simply wouldn't be prudent to jump into that right now given that the original C-Series hasn't even been completed and test-flown to date. The C-Series is using new engine types, composite materials, fly-by-wire's a whole new ball game with this plane.

      I think that you need to rethink your investment decision, Blurtsy. I don't think you're cut out for the ups and downs of equity investing. I still don't think that you've grasped the idea that the controlling shareholder is also management and that the shareholders are just along for the ride.

      If you can't stand the investment decision you made, then get out of it. It's simple, really. Crystallize your loss and move on. #$%$ and moaning are flat out a waste of time. Really, you're whining about a lack of aircraft sales when the aircraft hasn't even been test-flown or achieved an airworthiness certificate. Rail is and always will be the backbone of Bombardier (that's why I bought, rail is completely discounted in the current share price).

      Boeing was late, late, late with the DreamLiner. But then again, comparing Boeing to Bombardier is like comparing patient, experienced investors to yourself.

      Sell it, move on. You'll sleep better (but have less to post about).

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