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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Mar 8, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    migration is a human right

    it is ironic that somebody with a legacy of shorting stocks appears on this board ....... name is funny '' migration is a human right '' why migrate ?

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    • Frankly I'm surprised that you didn't accuse me of using an alias, Blurts.

      So much for doubling your money this week. BTW, a short is just someone that has bet in the opposite direction that you have, they have as much to gain/lose as you do if their decision is faulty. They're not evil, Blurts. They've just taken the opposite stance that you have. So what? Twelve million shorts out of Bombardier's float isn't exactly a majority. You do understand how all this works, right?

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      • their not evil ? their not i agree how do you square the fact that shorts were shorting everything which led to the 2008 crash.. almost a self fullfilling event .... fluidity of money was enermous and congress was unable to find out who were the recipients of the bailout money. went .the realestate development in eastern europe where did that money come fom ?? the proleteriat ,or was it those people who shorted ? well call it redistribution of wealth .. you do know how that works ... what about the federal reserve and the libor scandal you do know how that works ? .. same people who have hospital wings named after them nice people ? get a grip on yourself., everytime a president tried to do something about the structure of the federal reseve bank they got mysteriously assassinated coincidence or what belong to a group that monitors trends maybe a member of paeidea ;;certainly expert in the vernacular ,henry kissinger would be proud of you ,thus you would be remembered as most venerable .. you do understand dont you ..

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