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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Apr 11, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    billy bishop post mortem

    yes i understand this is the unannounced client bbd mentioned months ago..however the ceo of bbd is responsible for the execution and presentationof the c series in toronto yesterday .. the news thread in the morning started with 12 orders from porter airline with options for 18 more .. pretty good order i would say .... the devil is in the details ..... the ceo with a minimum i.q. should have forseen opposition from social groups and the three levels of govt in the g.t.a. .. the ceo i would think like myself this order is another feather in his cap.the street thinks otherwise, the ceo should have anticipated the headwinds we are witnessing today such as the former mayor of toronto is not for the expansion of billy bishop airport .... as often is the case with bbd management they somehow can turn a positive news story into a negative news story in a matter of minutes ... they should have withheld the the anouncement for a latter day .. not only do they know how to obfuscate ,they know how to confuse and create doubt in the investment community .. i will not touch upon the cultural divide montreal and toronto , only to mention that somehow in montreal the presentation came out as something fantastic whereby in the real world a ' conditional sale is just that ' .hence the stock trading under $ 5.00 not even investment fodder for mutual funds to invest in...... grade plus A in quebec : in the real world grade F . what are shareholders to expect at the paris airshow ? another conditional saleor bbd's favorite ' letter of intent ' the ceo should have seen opposition to the billy bishop coming and acted accordingly he did not !! hence $ 4.06..

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    • First off, Blurts, the C-Series is not going to appear at the Paris air show, but you knew that......right?

      Who cares what the former Mayor of Toronto thinks? He's the "former" Mayor, not the current. Since when does an aircraft manufacturer have to delve into city politics? That's Porter's problem, not BBD's. I think that the jet ban will be lifted on the Toronto Islands, as I stated in my response to you (which you didn't bother to read). Try reading RBC's take on the ban, and what the implications are for the C-Series. The C-Series propulsion system (P&W geared turbofans) have basically the same noise rating as the Q-400's that are currently flying out of BB. Porter isn't slated to take delivery until 2016, but Porter's CEO has stated that he thinks he'll have all his ducks in a row within six months. Since when does an aircraft manufacturer screen their perspective clients to make sure that they'll be successful in their business planning? C'mon. Do you even think before you post?

      Did you even read my response? Nope. Just post and post and post will-nilly, all over the place.

      As for your assertion that BBD is "not even investment fodder for mutual funds", at least I was able to educate you on that small tidbit, along with the fact that BBD does not qualify for an NYSE listing.

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