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  • chertsy2000 chertsy2000 Apr 12, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    fickle & imposter

    i'd rather be 'fickle ' rather than what you pretend to be ... my posts are on the money and intuitively right when describing fiasco's at bbd public relations dept.. for example where was mr. beaudoin or mr. hachey , instead they led from behind and have mid management make the presentation .. its called leading from behind .... the stock currently wallowing under $ 4.00 : if it was such a great presentation why isnt the stock up a few percentage points ?. bottom line all that hoopla for naught, and left shareholders and investment community confused with a good dose of doubt ..this is not cutting edge management key words for management fickle and obfuscate .. and you mroland cheerleader ;are you dressed in pink ?

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    • lol...are you saying the problem with this company is management? Is it upper, middle, or lower? Remember warren buffet invests in management /

    • Again (and again and again and again), Blurts, I challenge you to find a single, solitary post where I've praised management. Go on, do it. As before, you'll shirk from the challenge. You just need an outlet for your poor understanding and judgement, and seeing as I'm the only one that'll attempt to muddle through your mercurial mental meanderings.........well, I get the disparagement. You alone are responsible for your own decisions, Blurts. Man up. Sell it if you've lost confidence in your investment.

      I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, this stock is going nowhere until the C-Series flies. Which part of that don't you understand? PR, dogs, ponies, fireworks, party favors, whatever....aren't going to move this stock. Why don't you go back months and months and months and once again review the post regarding the PIGS, European markets, etc. Point out where I've been wrong. Go on, do it. As before, you'll shirk from the challenge.

      Your posts are nothing more than b*tching and moaning, most of which you just throw up onto this board without having a true understanding of this issues. Witness your recent rant on the DeutscheBahn debacle.

      Bombardier and ManuLife are the two largest short positions on the TSX, but you knew that.....right?

      Now, according to your own post less than 24hrs ago, you "added to your position"? Now, you're either lying (which makes you an imposter), or you regret your purchase (which makes you fickle).

      Care to counter, or would you just like to obfuscate?

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      • okay i agree .. although developing a new product is a difficult task .,my only point which i tried to make is that when executing a p.r. event ,it should have a positive impact on price action of the stock .management allows itself lots of leeway by delaying the launch of the c series ... now it doesn't have to show up in the paris airshow ?its just the unravelling of one event after another with no sustainable upgrades is disconcetring for any ' investor ' .when one considers the stock was close to $ 7.00 is the most recent upgrade to the $ 6.00 mark an upgrade or a downgrade... ? with current management i envisage a further delay with first flight test ,since management gave themselves ' time ' for first flight launch ...... my timing was off when making this investment ,however i feel that management has moved the goal posts once too often ...... and have given themselves an unwarrented bonus last year ..and yes i added to my position on the basis of the test flight in june ., again a question of timing ,could be off by a few months .. thats the chance you take .. is it time to get into kinross ? i think your timing was off on that one ....

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