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  • lakebubbler lakebubbler Jan 7, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    Let's see...

    Long-term rates will rise so that the big banks can buy t-bonds at auction. After the auction, long-term rates will fall so that the big banks can flip those bonds to the Fed for a no-risk easy profit. Sound about right? One for all and all for one, when it comes to the fat-cat bankers in the Federal Reserve's primary dealer cabal. After all, for fat-cat bankers its only monopoly money that the Federal Reserve prints willy-nilly from its digital printing machine, its computer. Rev-up another TRILLION Bennie!!!(sarc)

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    • By the way, US Treasury does not need to print a fake trillion dollar platinum coin to give to the Federal Reserve in excahnge for another trillion in funny money from the Fed's magic computer. US Treasury could pick-up any rock up along any roadside and paint $1 trillion on it and hand it to the Federal Reserve in exchange for another $1 trillion in digits from the magic money machine. Better yet, have a graphic designer create a virtual gold-pressed latnum Ferrengie coin and email it to the Fed. Why waste the platinum on a stupid coin, or sacrifice a real roadside rock, when its not required. Our national currency is as virtual as the crops in Farmville computer game. (sarc)

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