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  • primemeridian primemeridian Oct 25, 2001 6:51 PM Flag

    BOBE technicals

    the stock is about to resume the uptrend

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    • I feel Prime is Stewart himself. No one else would defend a company that has done as bad as BOBE if it were not him. All the insiders at BOBE always has said if you don't like the stock sell it. Yes, sell it and get off my a-- so I can do anything I wish with the stockholders money right or wrong. For one just take a look and see how much money we lost on the Mexican blunder. They called that an informal blooper. They told me things like that happens to a lot of companies. I told them but I don't have stock in companies that lose money like that. If we had different management BOBE would be in the high 50's now. I wonder what Ariel is thinking about their 23% plus position in BOBE now? They must get their meals free he he.


    • isn't Stuart Owen the president?

    • Primesuspect is likely stewart owens driver. Iq and age are same.

    • What did Prime say about being a "drip?"

    • I am really glad to see people correcting Prime, and telling him a few things like he is not the only person on this board that owns other stocks than BOBE. I still feel Prime is an insider with BOBE. If you read past messages you will find he never never says a thing is wrong with BOBE. Another think isn't it funny how Stewart used to read and post regular on this board and now you see nothing??
      Just a thought.

    • primeholdings also has 10 shares of merck. he covers the drug industry too.

    • BOBE is not the only stock I own, either.....

      I'm glad that I haven't had it through the long and trying time that you have.......I'd have to dig out my drip receipts to remember when I first bought into bobe.......

      I'm at a gain from my cost basis, and the future looks brighter to me (based on my cost)......

      and I believe the current trend will continue higher.......

      I also have some retail stocks from some good, strong companies that are not doing as well as they "once did", but that does not mean they are now rotten fact they are GREAT companies......just a rotten market for them right now......

      I have, also some drug stocks, drug retailers, tech, communication stocks, and others......

      probably some 30 different issues in all.....

      and a couple mutual funds......

      most of them are off their highs......

      one thing they all have in common is that I believe in their business and their future prospects.........

      if I didn't, I'd the tax on the gain, or write off the loss (up to the first $3,000 the first year, carry over the balance to future years, of course) and find a better use for the money........

      but with the economy the way it is right now, I think BOBE is doing quite well to add stores, buy back stock, cut less profitable stores, and keep the parking lots full...all during a generally sucking market!....

      good luck

    • Prime, BOBE is not the only stock I own. In hindsight, I'm the first to admit holding BOBE was a mistake. As I have said before, I held BOBE to avoid CG taxes, bad idea. I thought if BOBE just did ok, and I didn't have to pay taxes, I'd be ahead of the game. BOBE didn't do ok, so I made a mistake. You still want names of stocks, here's a few I bought in the 1992 time frame and still own, you see I am a Buy and hold type guy- JP, MRK, LLY, BMY, SKYW.

    • haven't you guys ever heard of a "baited question"?

    • you forget more than primeincantation has ever learned. or learnt

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