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  • fedupman2 fedupman2 Oct 21, 2005 9:00 PM Flag


    I rest my case. If you read greekfag's last posts you'll understand why we all get a good laugh at him. He thinks everyone who posts on this board is the same person and we're all "short sellers".

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    • OK Joe. Whatever you say.

      Whoa, look who grew a backbone.

    • Kudos to you and Stomper_02. It's about time people came forward and started asking the questions that need to be asked and give their opinions. I agree with both of you....and more importantly I believe the majority of BEF employees agree with you. Come on people, SPEAK UP. It is the only way the BOD is going to know what is really going on in the field and how the employees really think. Larry should have called Rinzy....Is it that he is too ashamed and embarassed because he let Stewart talk him out of promoting Rinzy in the first place? If Rinzy had been named as Larry's successor, Bobs wouldn't be in the shape it is now. All those crazy, off the wall programs....he was dead set against them. Coupons....he told them that would cheapen our brand. Please people, don't be afraid of the message board. It is your only way of voicing your opinion where you don't have to fear retribution.

      Again, thanks to you and Stomper. Hopefully the truth will continue to be told.

      BOD....ARE YOU LISTENING???????

    • You have no cred making up a name and acting like you are someone you are not. Put up or shutup. Bailey? You just get done watching "It's a Wonderful Life".

    • No consultant would speak that candidly about any of their clients.
      Not only would they fear the wrath of their clients, they would fear the "kiss and tell" reputation they would get in the industry.

    • Ok I am not one to respond to these message boards.I love to read these.Oh the stories.I must say that jrazyb if you have 30 years in this group you are one lucky person.Baily? Yeah right chicken lol...I have always loved my job.However,lately(oh the last 4 or5years)the ridiculous promotions to the tail chasing ideas to the lets focus here or there let us focus anywhere(which by the way has not gotten us anywhere)(starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book)is INSANE.Can I just tell you that you have people that have been here for years!!! Listen to us.Most of us are not idiots. We care, believe it or not.And let me tell you that we are tired of the VPRDS(not all of you)walking around with their noses in the air and forgetting where in the world they came from.Hell we probably helped trained them for goodness sake.NOW we are in a hole.Not a normal hole.This hole is starting to become a grave for some of us. Do any of you remember when we had things on the menu the customers liked?Muffins, Sausage sandwiches(yeah odd that we do not even have this on the menu, go figure a sausage company right?)smoked sausage, chicken broccoli alfredo.The menu comes out on the tenth some of us are already running it.No spaghetti? How about the catfish? gone...How about the onion rings? gone.... How about the corn?....gone Oh yeah and the chicken stir-fry? you guessed it gone...Oh then who gets to deal with the customers...yeah that would be all of the managers that have been telling the people behind the golden gates what the customers like.Oh yeah that is right noone listens to us.When I started with the company being a General Manager meant something.Now it means that you can run good numbers for a year and never get a thank you.If you have a food cost that is two tenths above the MAGIC NUMBER you get a good talking to and a you need to do better or we will have to replace you.Replace me?Replace you.I work 60 damn hours a week sometimes, training new employees, trying to make use out of some of the numskull managers they hire (we can't get very many good ones.noone knows how to work anymore AND the pay is not competitive),and keeping the store together while some of thes ADs are hell I don't working on Oh I don't know what do they do? And what do I get? NEGATIVE.Good thing our pay scale opened up. Oh yeah no raises for anyone because they do not want to upset the VPRD.Do you people have any balls?Please stop this rat race.Sit down in your nice cushy chair in the sky and take a deep breath. ahhhh doesn't that feel better?You are throwing to many negative changes out into the field.AND you are losing good people.People that care about the company. People that care about the customer.People that care about the employees.STOP and think..Get some counseling.. And run this company. I am glad Larry is back.If I was him my first call would have been to Rinzy. My second would have been to get rid of the VPRD position and change the AD position.My third would be to the cruise line and book a week cruise for all the GM's.Leaving everyone else but the board of directors and Larry and give us a chance to talk. Listen to us.Some of us are blow hards but most of us are educated intelligent people. We make informed imporant decisions everyday. We run stores that make 40,000 + a week.We see how much you all make when the paycheck comes.How about remembering the people that take direct care of the customers.Remember us?You know the little guy?We are hearing the ideas like "execute or attend your execution" Do these things really get said?This makes me sad.I am dissapointed.Please build us up and make us feel important again.We are important aren't we?Aren't we???Give us strength.
      If you hit a dog he will bite you if you love a dog he will be your best friend and take care of you...Oh yeah don't ask me my name. BIG SECRET... Not interested in attending my execution.I can't wait to see what is next..the drama continues......

    • maybe someone else that is a bobs manager can give some insight to this question. how far off or close are we to the profit and sales bonuses talked about some 6 to 8 months ago? are we close and because we are told we have to save money we wont get money? one other question i would love to hear some comment on is why are we told to save money when the bod gave themselves raises, and a head of the company got a 100,000 raise?(check out sec filings)also has anyone got fired over fc and labor or is it a witch hunt like always

    • What ever happened to Joel B. ....another good guy rail roaded!!! You're right blondeluck.. still some good people in the field that need good corp support and empowered.

    • Jim Bailey, right? Come on Joel, own up. Some of what you say is right on the money but forget the theatrics, who cares who you really are as long as you speak the truth.

      Recent (past few years) marketing sucks.
      Recent leadership sucks.

      Larry, get us back to basics. Roger, take the helm. Let's get people focused on what they do best. Recent leadership changes, questionable at best. Mary, she has the 'Farm' in her blood, give her a chance. CFO, capable person in the ranks, he knows finance and supports his staff, much like the best ADs support their management in the field.

      Give the ADs and GMs the support they need, recruiting, HR, and support without intimidation and they'll get the job done!

      Stockholders will reap the rewards...

    • Mmmmmmm.......Very strange. I worked for B.E. longer than most people and I have never heard of a Jim Bailey. I worked both Corp. and the field. If you had a part in the marketing programs over the last few years, they failed miserably. Couponing is the lowest form of marketing!!!

    • Ok, Ok. My name is Jim Bailey. I have never officially worked for Bob Evans but I have worked as a consultant for both the food and restaurant divisions. I worked on many of the marketing campaigns over the past and have worked closely with all of the people I ever talk about. I have sat in meetings, been to seminars and worked with individual people in specific territories.

      Although that is not my only relationship to this company. And I will not go any further into that topic.

      So there. I said I would reveal and I did. Who is next? Or are you chicken?

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