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  • jladams74 jladams74 Nov 19, 2005 4:17 PM Flag

    Explain something to me

    What is going on with Owens side of BOBE? I have heard they have till the end of the year to get profitable or they are gone. Does that mean they will be sold, shut down or what?

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    • You got that right..I hope they both come back to Texas, I don't think either one liked the cold weather anyway. As far as Mike T., you are so right. He is a Class A individual and he would make a great candidate for President & CEO of BOBE. Also, my vote would go out to Roger W. as well. He is a really great person and has beautiful blue eyes...

      The third person was not an executive but also a really great person as well. He is at the Springfield plant.

      For anyone who doesn't know Mike T., read the following.

      Mike Townsley
      President and Chief Operating Officer
      Owens Country Sausage

      Mike Townsley joined Owens Country Sausage as president and chief operating officer in 2003, following the retirement of Owens Country Sausage President and Chief Operating Officer Vinson Kirchner.

      Townsley�s most recent position was as senior vice president, sales and marketing, for Premium Standard Farms in Kansas City. Premium Standard Farms is the largest fully integrated pork company in the country, with annual sales of $700 million. His prior experience includes three years at Smithfield Packing Company of Smithfield, Va., and 11 years with IBP Inc. of Dakota City, Neb.

      Townsley is a native of Xenia, Ohio. He and his wife, Jane, have three children. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from The Ohio State University and has served on the Board of Directors of the National Pork Producers Council, as well as the Colorado Beef Board. He has also served on the Packer Processor Industry Council for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and on the American Meat Institute Pork Committee.

    • I can't remember the third person who came from Owens, but Stewart and Lindsay are both class individuals. As are their families. They'll probably move back to Texas and that is Texas' gain and Ohio's loss. the people at owens now are also class, including Mike T. Who knows what's going to happen with owens? the restaurants struggle, but the plant operations are first-rate. as are the employees and managers.

    • You may be right..I'm sure most people were not told the exact reason for the take over. Mr & Mrs CB Owens both were gone and it left Jerry to run the place.Maybe a good opportunity came along and he took it. The only people that know what really happened and why it happened are top management.

      I only know of three people that went to BOBE from Owens. I wouldn't think that was an invasion.

      I still have much respect for all three of those people, regardless of what I hear on this board.

    • Very interesting. Sounds like there were two stories. Just as I suspected. The Texas folks were hearing/being told one thing and the Ohio folks were hearing/being told another. We always joked that we didn't know who took over who. At the beginning, there was an "invasion" of Owens people and ways into Bob Evans and the longtime employees at Bob's really didn't like it. I guess the only ones who really know the reasons and the real story are the top dogs. But, thinking about it logically, Owens sure got the short end of the stick. Especially if you were a sound and viable company prior to merging.
      According to the insiders, Stewy was a power mad leader. He had very poor business sense and a group of yes men around him. Oppose him and you were either demoted or fired. He must have changed since you knew him.

    • Sorry I didn't answer your questions sooner.

      I don't think SKO was a spoiled playboy. Playboy maybe so. He did work his way up through the company by shoveling pig sh----, working on the kill floor. I guess there isn't anything that he didn't learn to do. I know he didn't care what a person had or what color his skin was, he was friend to all and treated them with respect.

      The company villa was used for sales meetings, the company plane transported managers to other divisions for meetings. I know SKO has a nice looking ski boat and his personal car was a BMW. Never knew they have BMW's for company cars. I suppose he was on the payroll and what he did with his money wasn't anyone's business.

      As far as SKO running Owens into the grave, I suppose everyone had their opinions why the stock merger took place. Personally, I never heard anything about Jerry having to be pulled out of trouble. If SKO was that bad, why was he forced to join the BOBE organization after the take over ? I sure wouldn't have taken him on, if there was truth in that. But, who knows it all ? You and I sure don't and never will.

    • You're right, the best way to heat the breakfast taco, is in the oven on a cookie sheet. It gives it a crisp , not limp appearance and yep, picante sauce tops them off.

      Need to know a great picante sauce to use. I have my favorites and I'm willing to share the names with you. I even make one myself that my son use to take with him to a friends house to watch football games. All I ever got back was the empty jar. Never could figure out how two guys to consume a gt jar of picante sauce. He always said it was the best and I should market it.

      How about calling it, Texas Hot Sauce, made in Hickville, TX.

    • You have a sick mind and sounds like you have it in for someone.

      We may be hicks, but we ain't stupid...I know where these were developed, but that's not important. Owens was making the sausage & biscuits long before BOBE came into the picture and yes, modifications have been made in the past few years and even months. It's still the best heat & eat breakfast product on the market.

      What upsets me, is you act like Owens keeps their tail between their legs and has no say so in what goes on. Why do they have a president and VP of production and sales managers. They have these people around to work with the corporate office and together continue providing a great product and a place that most people can be proud to be associated with. No, Owens doesn't operate on it's own.

      I'm just tired of hearing that one person has caused so many problems with both companies ( or should I say one ?), maybe some should realize that problems within a company can be caused by many things not just one single person. Stop beating a dead horse. Maybe he didn't it all right but he had to do something worthwhile.

    • That's right, in the business world expenses have to be cut. LC will do what's best for the company.

      SKO made enemies on South High and you're right, he's gone and I think it's time some of these people let it go. It's over,it's done and everyone involved will have to move on.

      Both BOBE/Owens were founded by great men and will live on for years.

    • Actually, if you want the true facts. (1) I know for a fact that Owens created the sausage and biscuit in the early 80s before they sold out to BOBE. (2) Owens has has always had a product research and development team and a marketing department. (3) Owens has always operated on there own. BUT, like most entities with a parent company. They will always have imput. And Owens does have a Pres. and COO by the name of Mike Townsley.

      Oh, as for that fallslady chick. If it's who I think it is. Pay attention to her because she has about 25yrs of knowledge on Owens if you know what I mean.

      P.S. a little cookn' tip for dem dere tacos. Put dem in the oven on 350 for bout 25 minutes or till that tortilla is a light golden brown. Slap a little salsa on dem and you got yourself some pretty good viddles. hm, hm

      I'll be back ya hear.

    • Change is necessary for BOBE. So Mr. Corbin closes some unprofitable stores and controls expenses. Welcome to the world of business. Some Jrazyb's and getwhile's are unhappy because they have all the answers and nobody listens to them at South High. Can you believe that South High would overlook such genius!

      Everyone here on the board jumped on Stewart and he is gone. So give the new home boys some time to change the tide. Note that some analysts like the direction of the company currently.

      Happy holidays comrades!

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