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  • chickemmen2002 chickemmen2002 Dec 15, 2005 10:29 AM Flag


    I think the company should have to come clean and divulge the real reason Stewart K. Owens jumped ship or got throwen out all of a sudden. I feel it is affecting the price of the stock along with other things, the stockholders should know the real reason. Checking insider stock trades show that Stewart K. Owens along side of other insiders have sold thousands of shares of BOBE at large profits lately. I feel they knew things the stockholders were not privy to. This is the kind of things Eliot Spitzer looks at.


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    • Shaggy, the company has been using fuzzy figures for years and the stockholders always get left holding the bag.
      All you have to do is check past figures and you will find the stockholders has not made nothing but peanuts for years.


    • Shagy, They like you post more fuzzy figures like the company has done for years.


    • Okay, so instead of using year end numbers and the price as of date traded prior to calculations, which date should I use to make my statement "unwrong"?

      Or, to help everyone make your point, should I just find the lowest price historically to buy in the last 5 or six years, and the highest closing price for any given year?

      How about YOU give me the parameters YOU want me to work with and I'll run the calculations.

    • Some people only use certain figures to prove their point and yours was wrong. Thats all. Not trying to ruin your credibility.

    • Shaggy, you got your point across just fine and I understand every word you said which is truth. The last few years they have been talking a lot and giving us fuzzy figures.
      For only hope everyone is out if and when the institutions start dumping.


    • Was only trying to show that BOBE is not better off than it was 5 years ago, and that nothing seems to be known by the executives as to how to move the price forward.

      Anyhow, looking back it is easy to figure where to buy low, and when to sell high, and who, at the time the stock was in the thirties, knew it would be downhill from there? Ah, with the exception of the GF, I do not know any perfect market timers, thus your point is mute. Like I stated, just worked with numbers, I wish I could pick all my stocks to buy at the lows and sell at the highs, but I can't, and point is, many have HELD this stock for quite some time, others promote the DRP, which is for most, not me, a buy and hold proposition.

      Plus, nevermind, you wouldn't understand anyways, just trying to shed some light of the recent past.

    • If you had sold when it was in the thirties during that period, your investment would have exceeded 3.54% by far. You forgot to mention that. I am not advocating a buy at this time.

    • Shaggy, it is very refreshing and pleases me to see a poster like you post the truth about BOBE.
      I have been trying to figure out what a good price maybe to start nibbling at this stock. I know one thing it is not the price it is selling for now.
      Maybe an investor could set on it for a while at about $12 or $14 per share as long as they don't cut their dividend. The 15% tax treatment we have now would be a decent attractive investment.

      I feel if an investor would purchase the stock now at the price it is selling for now it would be dead money excluding the dividend. Lord only knows when the company will start bearing fruit again. Again that is the reason I rate BOBE stock a STRONG SELL.


    • Thanks GC, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well as to the others on this board.

      Me, numbers don't lie, I didn't manipulate them, just did some simple math, though some (like GF) may say I am a lying short selling SOB. Me have stated, still hang onto a small stake, and would love to see the company turn around, just can't see it soon, with too many clouds and unanswered questions still hanging around. No game plan, no plan whatsoever, not even sure if anybody knows where and how to start righting this ship, no direction, but a small, yet first big step would be the naming of a permanent new leader.

      No, am not short, just trying to point out that BOBE has not returned much over the past five years, and currently does not seem to be firing on all six cylinders, so can't see any, what I would call decent returns in the near future. Better places to park money, money markets, or bills, and better, more promising investments out there.

    • Thank you shaggy for pointing out the truth to investors.
      At the rate treasuries are paying now you would be better off and less risk to buy treasuries plus more money in your pocket with no state taxes to worry about.
      BOBE has a long way to go before they will bear much fruit. For that reason I rate BOBE a STRONG SELL.


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