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  • getwhileitsgood getwhileitsgood Mar 4, 2007 8:37 AM Flag

    More changes to come!!

    Along with the sickly Joe retiring, and Jim Merchant getting what his sorry ass deserved, they have terminated multiple Area Directors also....and some long term guys at that....Eric Burtner AD East Coast got the boot, Steve Neal once of Michigan market, was on East Coast and now looking for a job in the Dayton area, Glenn Ondick got the boot, they are sniffing out Bart Howe (HE IS NEXT THE INVESTIGATION IS UNDERWAY), I will guess that Shane Dillon will get the ax or resign......THE SADEST AND FUNNIEST THING ABOUT THIS IS that BOBE doesnt have the talent at the GM level where they promote AD's to replace these people, AND THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT have the leadership above the AD to properly train and manage these changes!!! I LOVE IT!

    If anyone hear read my comments from months ago you know that I said it here first! These AD's likely got the boot because they had hard times finding their restaurants every day and got lost going to work therefore were thought of as "AWOL while collecting pay"....

    More to come. And God help those who are about to be promoted to work under a threaten supervisers (VPRD) who doesnt have the know how to run units.

    I guess that Little Steve Urkle (Jim Merchant) actually had to perform now. LMFAO!!!!!

    Once they fire that worm Bart Howe I may change my reccomendation to Strong Buy! LOL!

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    • You can certainly get rid of Mark Haslett as well what a worthless piece of shit.

    • Thanks!

      They are the "Do As I Say Not As I Do" crowd!

      And they arent looking for enteprenuers!

      Youre on the money! My life has absolutely changed for the better...My only regret is waiting this long to leave!

      Take Care.

    • Its sure not the first time that Murcocko called for someones head. Of course, he'll never admit that.

      Employees and Mgrs. for BOBE should challenge this 'at will' BS! Force Bob's to protect you from rouge egotistical VP's like Chris....You know, the opponents of the "At Will" legislation warned of this very "abuse of power"!

    • Right on the money! How did I forget about Thompson...LOL! Look, these people work for a sausage company and they act as though they are members of Congress or part of a Royal Family....They need a dose of reality.

      You are absolutely right to lump Thompson in the liked of Merchant & Murcocko! Same mold

    • I agree with all your comments concerning the WORM Bart Howe. It's about time that someone takes the time to investigate his scandalist ways. He should have decided to be "AWOL" on the day that he received a visit from the boys in blue at one of his locations regarding his sexual gestures towards a minor.

    • What did they preach? "People leave people, they don't leave companies." Not exactly what they practice but Life is not about Bob Evans. You work so you can enjoy life and not the other way around. Since leaving Bob Evans I'm sure that you realize that is the case. I'm sure the stress level is much lower now too. Bob Evans is all about creating a vision for their managers and Area Directors and once they come close to meeting that vision they change it to keep you confused. They don't want you to reach that goal because if you become smarter than your boss their job will be in jeopardy. Which is why they practice hypocrisy. You did the right thing by leaving and keeping your sanity and your values in tact. At least you had the courage to do that...more power to you and good luck. Trust me, you did not lose anything by leaving.

    • Hey Mike!

      It appears you have a lot of time to spend on your computer these days. Are you enjoying be a Mr. Mom? Do you get on the message boards while the baby is napping?
      I enjoyed your comment about ""AWOL while collecting pay"...." You got away with that for a year or two when you worked for Terry, didn't you? I heard you had a lot of time to devote to your catering business when no one was checking up on you. I often wondered...did you get a lot of your food supplies directly from Mattingly? Or did the locations you managed support that business?
      Ever since you quit your job as an AD on the East Coast, you seem bitter about BOBE and some of the past and present leadership.
      Where are you getting your information from these days? You must be staying in touch with some old friends who are keeping you up to date on current events. You should be careful. I'd bet BOBE and some of the people you are bashing know who you are. There's nothing they can do to you, I'm sure. But they may take out their frustrations on the people you are using as your sources of information.
      If you are a true friend to your sources, and they still work for BOBE, you may want to chill out on the personal attacks on current leadership. Not everyone has a spouse at home that makes enough money to support them like you do. Create a new profile on this message board and begin fresh.

    • You are right about the leadership. Good company...poor leadership! Legros is about the only worthwhile VPRD.

    • Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's not. There was a time when the AD's you spoke of were great leaders and did their jobs well. It's a shame they lost their work ethic. But doesn't it make you wonder what caused them to quit and stay. Maybe with all the changes in the upper maybe management is a better term....there was no leadership, they lost their drive and desire to succeed. Say what you want about Rinzy, but when he was there he ran a tight ship and worked alongside his team to make sure he knew what was going on. Maybe these guys will be better suited to that style of management and will take their talents to Frisch's and Golden Corral.

      • 1 Reply to bfstttat
      • I disagree! I know ALL of them. And Rinzy didnt "run" anything except a horse racing business while at BOBE as Sr. VP!!! give me a break! IF you think differently you are either a former crony to him or just really uninformed.

        I think that the restaurant side became a haven of "buddies" and that is not the way to do good business. There are a lot of unworthy people in position in that company. Evidence: For ANYONE to think that people like Chris Muraco are good for the morale of your GM's and AD's is just blind! This guy cant tell the truth to save his life, he hasnt a REAL accomplishment in the company, did all of his time below his current position in ONE market and his stores were below average performers, his personal life is a wreck (and its well known throughout the company mainly because he'll tell you or lie about it), ONLY got promoted AS A RESULT OF HIS BEST BUDDY JIM MERCHANT's rather short advancement. He is just one example of the quasi-nepatism that exists at BOBE! Wonder if Muraco ever got his Zanax and spousal abuse problems under control? Call Chrissy, let me know how your doing.LOL!

        I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when Merchant got demoted! I bet if not for the new black guy at the CEO level, Jimmy boy would have cried discrimination! Nothing could be more deserved than that dude getting a slap in the face. The arrogant pri*k!

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