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  • bobegm bobegm Jun 28, 2007 9:15 PM Flag


    Hey all, just created this profile so I can not be tracked by big brother. I am a GM for bobe in Florida. My AD gave me a copy of this memo from a AD who took a position with another company. I have to agree with his statement of being a top performer, although I have never worked for him , he is well respected in the company. Apparently he sent this to Steve Davis CEO,Roger Williams President of operations, Randy Hicks Executive Vice President in Training concerning the much mentioned weasel on this chat board, Mike Thompson Regional Vice President Regional Dick-less-tater.

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    • I was told many times that business is business and personal is personal, so the extramarital activities of management shouldn't come into play, right? However, it is difficult to believe that one would display business integrity when they can't seem to muster up any personal integrity. Most all BE management from the middle up participate in extramarital activities. I've seen it, lots of it. It would be easier to name those who don't. Only one comes to mind - Brian D. Seems to be acceptable, even encouraged, in the good ol' boys environment.

    • what_happened_to_mike what_happened_to_mike Jul 30, 2007 11:59 AM Flag

      I was wondering if anyone out there has heard about the investigation of the claims made in this internal read.

      I'm guessing Randy Hicks and Roger Williams have taken this very seriously. I'm also guessing they've scheduled a lot of time in Florida to ask questions. If this is from Bill Owens, then his facts are based out of Florida. Brushing this kind of information "under the rug" would speak volumes about Bob Evans leadership and lack of integrity. Let's hope that's not the case

      Hoepfully, the boys in the office did a full investigation and found Mike to be completely innocent of all claims. Only the managers and AD's in Florida really know for sure. If they've heard from Randy and Roger, then Mike must be innocent. If they haven't heard from Randy and Roger, they'd have to think that it's been made to "go away", and integrity is only something that we talk about. Not practice.

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      • Well, if you want to hear from the horses mouth, Randy asked who he should speak to. He was given specific names and instances. He chose to make the same old, going through the motions investigation procedures they chastize the AD level for not executing.Again a different set of standards for the "Ivory"White" Tower". Randy and Roger went through an investigation that resulted in 'Non Favorable" responses form those who had a set of balls, but won't expose them, due to a non commitment of NO RETALIATION from the "OPEN DOOR POLICY POLICE. Time to get a bigger rug to sweep Mike Thompsons wrongdoings under. Guess it's time to geta bigger bed to sleep in for Mike and Randy. They obviousley have been sleeping in the same bed for some time. Great job Randy, Roger, and as for you Steve- What happens when there is no more money to take from those who earned it? Another shit sandwich? YUM! No Punn intended! What a joke! What an insult to your people!

    • Well, Well, Well....I guess all of us so called "blowhards" or as Bill calls us, "disgruntled underperformers" have been vindicated and validated a little more by this bombshell.

      This however is only a "bombshell" to those who know little about the relationships between AD's and the Corporate Officers.

      Bill, I never knew you personally, I always had great respect and admiration for the way that you handled yourself at the office and around other (younger) AD's. Sorry to see what has happened to you.

      I could, with exception to some personal instances that you mentioned, replace Mike's name with Chris Muracco's name. Especially with regard to the arrogance of power and behaviorial traits that you mentioned. I have always wondered why the VPRD position attracts those traits.

      My wife felt the same way around some/most of the corporate officers that she encountered at functions and on the cruises. She waited til I was gone to bring it up, but it all came to light. What a arrogant bunch of pigs.

      Again, I hate to see the way that you left, but I love seeing YET ANOTHER "I told you so" in terms of what I have been saying for quite some time.

    • This is a very interesting read, and if everything about this memo is true then they need to take a long hard look at the situation.

      And by true I mean that this memo was actually written by the outgoing AD not necessarily all of the information contained in it. You can never be sure when someone posts something that it is just not their doing and passing it off as being from someone else. I am not calling it a fake, only that this is a message board, and basically anyone can post anything they want. I will say that this sounds genuine and I for one believe it to be true.

      I will say that the situation is not only limited to Mike Thompson on the VPRD level. You have Jim Merchant, who in my opinion is not a leader and should never have progressed past the point of AD, yet somehow made it all the way to Sr VP before being pushed back to VPRD. Joe Legros is a good guy, but it is my understanding that as of late he has become a "yes man", which this company does not need right now. Chris Muraco is lacking certain traits needed to be at that level and I have heard many negative comments on this board as well as in discussions with BOBE employees.

      If you add this to the fact that I can name at least 5 AD's who should be in the VPRD position before some of these other clowns it is kind of annoying. There is talent in the AD pool, but the problem is they need to keep them there because the AD's are far more important than the VPRD's. The funny thing is I bet several AD's would not take the promotion if offered to them. They are making good money, have 6 or 7 stores and don't have to deal with the corporate BS.

      But I don�t think this memo will fall on deaf ears, and I think Roger already has plans for certain people and they don't include continuing their employment with BOBE. But he can't very well fire a person if they are producing, even though he might want to. But the minute that person slips, out the door. Roger is a very intelligent man, he know all of these people very well and understands the political issues within the company. I think Steve has, and I don't think he had much choice, pretty much let Roger make the changes as he sees fit. This will continue and Roger will get this company back on track, get good leaders into the positions and get the moral of the company back to where it once was. But these things do not happen overnight, it is a slow process but once it gets rolling so will the heads.


      I feel I owed this statement to Bob Evans, as in my eyes Mike Thompson has disgraced the organization and what many of us have worked hard and long hours and sacrificed to build. He has put the current leadership�s knowledge and concern in question. I also wanted to be able to leave with my reputation and dignity in place before another character assassination was orchestrated. At this point I have taken the excuse of �We did not know� out of the arena. The ball is in your court. I will be watching your actions not only as a past employee, but as a stockholder. I wish the company the best of luck. In your words �People leave managers, not companies! Understand that my departure is only the tip of the iceberg and the sign of a potential catastrophic situation for your company.


      Exit Statement

      First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to the organization for opportunity to have been a member of the Bob Evans Farms family for more than twenty years. During my tenor I have been a dedicated team member attempting to make a positive contribution. I have moved my family nine times to accommodate both my growth and the company�s needs. My reputation as a leader, mentor, and coach is one you will find genuine. I am proud of my performance and contributions to the organization and feel that Bob Evans Farms will always be a part of my fiber. Currently my market outperforms my contemporaries as my evaluations and performance goals indicate. My purpose in writing you is to establish that I am not just another disgruntled underperformer, but a contributor who has something valuable to share with those who harbor the responsibility to act in the best interest of the organization.
      My reason for leaving the organization is the management style and abusive personality of my current superior Mike Thompson, as well as the inactivity or ineffectiveness of his superiors to influence his behavior. I can not continue on in my position due to Mike Thompson�s uncanny ability to drain energy rather than energize. I have struggled for several years since July 2004, looking over my shoulder every day wondering if it would be my last, simply because of association with people of whom I am friends and Mike Thompson�s obvious vindictive and destructive nature. I whish to be clear that this is not about Bob Evans Farms but Mike Thompson�s actions, behaviors and management style. Mike has a well established pattern of embarrassing, abusive, and unethical behavior that is unacceptable. Furthermore Mike�s actions seem to be increasingly swept under the rug and this is a travesty to Bob Evans Farms.

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        On July 18, 2004 I was wrongfully accused by Mike Thompson of actions I did not commit, he questioned my professional and personal integrity. There was a direct threat to my position and it was established Mike Thompson had a personal agenda in his character assassination of me, a trait exhibited frequently by Mike Thompson to clear his own wrongdoing. Those allegations are included in the document containing my statement I have attached. I reported this to Randy Hicks, and Rinzy Nocero. An investigation was initiated on August 28, 2004 and in the interim, Rinzy Nocero left the company. I provided a written statement on e-mail, which has been removed from my computer along with another document containing sensitive material and both related to Mike Thompson. I did not remove it, and would like to know who removed it from my computer when it was updated in February 2007. Fortunately I had saved the document containing my statement on a disk, and have provided you with the electronic copy to validate its existence. Not once has anyone followed up with me on this investigation, or contacted me as to the findings of this investigation, nor the standing of this investigation. I do know for a fact that during the investigation Mike Thompson made the statement that he was going to �get rid of Bill Owens� and admitted to the fact. I would like to share some information as to how my superior has created a hostile, unethical, and unprofessional work environment. I would recommend you start with reading the statement I speak of above as the following events are relative to after August 28, 2004.

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