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  • bobegenmgr bobegenmgr Jul 3, 2007 10:00 AM Flag


    What's with the integrity of the people who work at this company? The co. must tell you that integrity and honesty are the principals that make up BEST-yet when people are called upon to be honest all of a sudden they either hide under a rock, or wait out an investigation until the facts are swept up under the rug.

    How can you conduct an investigation with facts that dont exist or are created to suit your needs?

    I too was falsely accused, and during the investigation, watched as others were made to give false statements. When I started to ask questions, all of a sudden, the "facts" gathered in written form vanished.End of investigation.

    People want to work in a place where they can contribute, work towards goals, and feel good about the results they achieve. For the honest ones out there, its hard to stomach when the cheaters are rewarded. The funny part is that the cheaters admit to cheating because they dont want to be in trouble or to have to write yet another action plan.

    Ask a gm who is all of a sudden running good food, and they will tell you that if you see double when standing in front of the prepared rack, you can run good numbers without a trace of evidence.

    The gm's are given a choice these days-work your store and get the results or quit. Everyone wants good results, but all of a sudden there is a new menu and food cost shoots up 2%-and its the gm's fault? Perhaps the menu didn't have enough of a price hike. But gm's are being told to work 6-7 days to correct the problem that they didn't create.

    Sounds like the old cpr program. Believe this is the right thing to do. Two years later, your told dont touch the cpr button becauce we lost millions.

    Cant run good labor? Cant find people to work 3 hour schedules so the store meets the labor goal-just do it your self. How many categories can 4 managers in one store work? That is if your store is lucky enough to have 4 managers. The 3 person situation is becoming the norm. Must be how the company wants to compete with rising costs:cut back on management labor, work them till they collapse, and replace them with someone cheaper.

    Keep cutting those schedules back and fil up the stores with more than enough servers. Problem solved right? Servers are going to be expected to bus their own tables, seat the door, make their own kp items. Whats next, wash dishes and cook the food? Guess they can do this if they only have 2 tables.

    This used to be a great company to work for, but now those in power have flexed enough muscle and whats left? Just a bunch of people lying to survive and hoping they are not next on the chopping block. Well relax, the pecking order was decided long ago. If you are honest or not it doesn't matter anymore. Everybody is replaceable and sooner or later everyone will be replaced.Been around for a while, have some tenure then look out. You cost too much to keep around. Are you a full time employee? The cost of benefits is on the rise. Have 3 or more weeks of vacation? Well the company doesn't need you out of the store for that long.

    Funny thing about all of this, is that when Steve is done earning his 10% raises, there will be no one else left and he'll just move on to a better financial opportunity for himself.

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    • Well well well, the more things change, the more they stay the same!

      If you are a new GM who is just now realizing this, welcome to a large club! If your tenured and just now speaking up, get out while the getting is good...there a plenty of GOOD restaurant chains out there who want good people and reward good honest people. And that ARE ON THE CUTTING EDGE instead of ANTIQUATED IN EVERY ASPECT of their operations like BOBE! Bobs is outdated in just about EVERY aspect of this biz, TRUST ME! They spend their time waiting and watching every other company for ideas. Problem is they either dont jump on board til the new trends have emerged or they choose the wrong ideas to follow. BOBE has NEVER been a company that thinks for itself or is innovative in its segment. Hell, Ive been gone for a some time (couple years) and I still see them chasing Appleby's? Whats that all about? Its hysterical, because Appleby's stinks!

      The problem is that the "Officers" of this company (VPRD and Rest Grp in general) all old timers who should be bailing hay or feeding pigs not running restaurants! Take a look at the new Bob B Q (LMAO, how silly)...anyway,....BOBE took ribs OFF the menu for good right when ribs were becoming big in restaurants. NOW, smokehouse products have taken off over the past 5 years and are the biggest thing out there. Bob's is JUST NOW jumping back on board? Right in time for the next big thing huh? LOL! Good to see them finally using those Alto-Shams.....(which are horrible for RIBS! Tell me, how much unused product gets trashed, thrown into the pulled pork? LOL) Goof balls!

      I laughed my ass off when I heard about the service changes like making salespeople bus thier own tables. I guess service took a back seat once again at BOBE. Go figure.

      People (including your fearless leaders {AD & above}) have been cheating the systems for decades!! They know it, we know it and the stockholders should DEMAND accountability. BOBE only uses words like integrity when it favors their next slogan/marketing campaign.

      And look, as far as understaffed stores (with managers), NO ONE wants to work for BOBE because they are behind the times. People are looking to get ahead in a new job not go back to the stone ages of handwritten orders and systems that have outlived their usefulness! People get in the door and by the time that they are 5 weeks into training, they are back on the phone with their recruiters screaming "get me the Fuu*K out of here!"

      Wouldnt surprise me one little bit if the whole Steve Davis deal was prepatory to a Yum Brands take over of BOBE! BOBE Would fit right in with other garbage brands at YUM BRANDS and Louisville isnt that far from Columbus!

      And just so that I dont sound like a "underperforming malcontent" (LOL) I will close by saying that BOBE is a good chain for people trying to break into the full service segment. The problem is that they NO LONGER have the training mechanisms and or the TYPE OF PEOPLE that it takes to actually train managers. Throw in the pay package and you get TacoBell quality in every batch of newbies and before you know it, that is whats left at BOBE to train newbies.
      They canibalized there future and have NO IDEA how to fix it! So they go out and get "one of them" (TACOBELL REJECTS) and call him CEO! LMFAO!!!!!!! Cant beat em, join em.

      Ahh the sweetness of vindication! He who laughs last laughs BEST!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

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