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  • mikey_fresh3k mikey_fresh3k Jul 4, 2007 10:00 AM Flag

    From the trench

    Okay. So I've been with the company for three years now, and at the prompting of my AD I signed on to check out the message boards on this site and familiarize myself with the stock summary and what have you. After about an hour of reading through message threads I'm left with the question, "What the hell is wrong with you people?" All I've read is tattling and whining about who did who wrong when they USED to work for this company, and comments from people who think they have the answers even though they are themselves quite removed from the actual work that this business is in.
    In my years I've made my way from a dish washer,to a host, to a cook, KP, Shift Assistant, and now Manager. If there is anyone who has the right, or even the knowledge, to speak of what's really going on with this company it's people like me.
    Here's the facts: The company's financial performance has improved since I started, the company has expanded it's customer base to include a younger generation ( not just the aging loyals who grew up with Bob himself), and the number of locations is ever increasing. These are all good things, and these are at the heart of any evaluation of progress and success. Granted, there are problems in some areas of the business strategy, but what company doesn't? I can't think of any corporate restaruant whose suits haven't lost touch with what it's like to actually run a store. That's the nature of being promoted. It is impossible to be a tenured Corporate level manager and know how the grill line feels at noon on Sunday morning. This is why we (those of us in the trenches) are handed directives to change the way we conduct our daily operations with the assurance that it's a better way. So to all those whiners who are actually employed by this company: Instead of getting your panties in a bunch about how you don't like the way your superiors make uninformed decisions about how you should run your end of the business....INFORM THEM! Grow some balls and tell your boss, or bosses, what they really need to hear, not just what they want to hear. Feedback is not just something that happens in a downward direction on a quarterly review so you know why/how much your bonus is. And for the AD's and VPRD's out there, ask your store managers what is happening in their stores and get their input on how things work, and for god's sake listen.

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    • ahhh naivete at its finest.

      Look...Bill Marriott said it best when asked about the most important aspect of BASIC management..."never forget WHERE you came from." And when it comes to managing people, I'll take his advice over ANY of the goofs on South High St. who lost track of that basic fundamental a long time ago (but still tend to preach it witout practice). They are back to the style of management that they told us "fails every time" at that is 'KITA' aka "my way or the highway", Kick In The Ass style of management. NOW dont get me wrong, I for one think that there is a time and a place for this style, its just bad judgement to teach not to use it ever, while at the same time using it on your subordinates....its called "hypocritical".

      Good luck in your new career. With any luck your company's future will turn bright again. Bob's has tremendous buying and operating power in the industry, no doubt, but I'll ask you to take a good hard non biased view of OTHER companies like them and then come comment on the "financial" situation.

      Those of us who were around for a while, and those still there in position for a while (10+ years), have watched many great financial BLUNDERS on the part of this company that cost US dearly in terms of stock value, benefits, profits etc... SO please, while its great to see your optimism, it is disingenuous of you to comment like you have facts on your side "for God sake".

    • OK I too have started my way from the bottom up...every category etc etc. I have over a decade with the company. I just want to say ... give it some time and a few more AD's. I will tell you the brain washing goes away with time and neglect. Communication with your supervisor well that is seriously over rated. Disagree and find yourself under the microscope. I was well informed a long time ago that you only tell if they are asking and that they probably already know the answer. I would caution you to be careful with your free thoughts. Give it some time and you will see.

    • you haven't been around long enough to see the truth. Let me know what your opinion is after spending 15 years with the company. Let me tell you, two things is going to happen and you are going to take one road or the other: road number one - you get brainwashed to think that blue is red and white is yellow. road number two - you see the true colors of the the people like the ones being mentioned here. I too believed in the Bob Evans way in the was growing, stock was good, integrity was in place.....that was then this is now. Like I said, you haven't been around long enough to even comment on this crawl back up into the hole that came out of and come back after spending a few more years with the company.

    • With managers like you on board, I'm more bullish than ever on this company. Thanks and congrats!

    • Well said my friend, well said. Compensation must be good for so many unhappy managers to stick around.

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      • Guess your not familar with true customer satisfaction ideals? This is highly typical of BOBE managers today so I wont hold it against you.

        Employees/Customers complain because THEY CARE and WANT TO COME BACK/or in this case STAY EMPLOYED. So most of these people who are still around are PRAYING that someone will see/hear thier pleas.

        The dangerous customers are the ones who complain with thier wallets! They just stop coming! OR to contrast it with disgruntled employees, they leave the company without notice because of lack of faith of deplorable working environment changing.

        Some believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, others know that it is only a grizzly bear with a flashlight!

        Read what the 25 year AD wrote in his resigantion letter (posted here), He said quit eloquently that People dont leave companies, People leave People. For those of you with lower IQ's, employees will leave a bad manager while still holding great admiration for the company!

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