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  • diklessmike diklessmike Jul 9, 2007 9:54 AM Flag

    More Great Decisions

    Here's another "novelty" idea from one of Thompson's Boys. To cut "labor" it was brought to their attention that they should just leave the unit dirty at night and schedule the openers in early to clean up. This is as good as putting a stamp on the back of the comment cards to call the AD instead of sending it up to Corporate. I'm going to make a prediction that the winners of the cruise contest will be in Thompson's Region. With cheats like one else has a chance. Great job Mikey, manipulate the system. I do have to commend stuck to your guns of "whatever it takes!"

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    • Comment cards,Lunch with Renee Mcname, Napoleon syndrom, Poor Leadership, Strong arm tactics, etc... A scholar from harvard wrote a book about people like this and the terminology used for their title was "Professional Thug" Those who brag about slapping an assistant manager out of the office chair? 20 years ago? Boy theirs someone I want to work for just so I can sue them! Hmmm! Want to know why I left?! And Randy supports this idiot? Amazing what happens when you have poop on your boss!

    • Hell, why dont they just start shuffling dollars like they do with food cost? I say leave the unit dirty, hire an outside private cleaning crew that gets charged under "cleaning and supplies" and let them close shop and store those dollars under your variable expenses. LOL! Nah....thats too cutting edge for BOBE, they just keep slicing away at their operating hours taking cash OUT of the register instead of putting it in. MORONS!

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      • I find reading your rantings very funny. I must admit, I never gain any intelligence from reading them, however they make me laugh. This was another classic entry in your history!!!! First off, this would not be coded under cleaning supplies, rather under service contracts. Secondly, whatever money spent under variable expenses still hits your bottom line and cuts into each units flow through and profit. So, where is the shuffling??? It all starts at hiring the right person and giving them the training they need to do a job quickly with quality. If these steps are followed life in Bob Evans is rather simple. I don't know of any cleaning company that would do our restaurants for the amount of money I spend to make my restaurant shine. Whatever restaurant you are working at now, keep up your hindsighted outlooks and look for ways to make everyones jobs easier by spending more money. We will keep coaching our employees and slice away our operating hours with greater results each day. To implement your idea would roughly cost the company $12 million extra a year. But, hey, its coded under a variable expense, it doesn't matter, Right?????

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