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  • marvelous1818 marvelous1818 Aug 13, 2007 4:59 PM Flag


    Look at what the president is making this year, what his projected separation pay will be, what the company spent and lost in having him agree to accept the job as CEO (I hope they didn't twist his arm too much) and all the perks he gets. It's an abomination.

    We are always told that they have to offer the guy this kind of deal to attract top talent. My question is "How come this top talent only makes money for himself and not for us?" I know a lot of guys who would be delighted to take the job on a very small salary and the rest on earned commission.

    To end the directors bossing us around, all stock that was gifted to these lazy do-nothings must immediately be made NON-VOTING. That way, the true investors may begin to have a say in what is going on.

    My recommendation: Vote against every single roposal that the company hopes you will vote in favor of. Then, let's get some serious people to run the company properly for reasonable remuneration. We only want people who have the company's best interests at heart.

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    • rflowers Oct 6, 2007 9:23 AM Flag

      Bashers keep bitching, stock keeps performing.

    • marvelous, hold on buddy! i worked very hard to get the company to declassify the board of directors. after a number of years as a shareholder resolution, it passed overwhelmingly last year. this year the company has put my resolution on the ballet, as a company sponsored proposal, and asked for shareholders to support it. i would hope all shareholders will vote to declassify the board of directors. it is a positive action for shareholders.

      • 2 Replies to airwolf1980
      • Hi airwolf are you still sticking with your BOBE stock, what a dud? I sold my stock long ago when Bob Evans sold all his stock.
        Dan Evans as well as the jerk Stewart Owens dumped most of their stock in BOBE also.
        That company will not make you money that a lot of other companies will make you to invest in.

      • Declassifying the board of directors is a positive step, and I'm sure that you had to fight an uphill battle to accomplish what you did. I applaud you.

        However, the biggest problem, which I pointed out, will only be resolved by stockholders, big and small, uniting to force the issue. directors have this "good old boys club" mentality where they vote for each other, within the company and from one company to another, and for each other's salaries and perks. They have us around to display apparent transparency and to show they have "little guys" as stockholders.

        Of course, it could change if the government made the change happen. That isn't too likely because politicians watch each other's backs much the same way that corporate directors do.

        CEO's are much like presidents. No need to explain how they get away with what they do, is there?

    • rflowers Aug 16, 2007 6:16 PM Flag

      My BOBE investment has done rather well. It's up 58% in spite of the recent market correction plus I have received a dividend regularly. These are not the greatest times for the restaurant industry either. What were your expectations?

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