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  • ladybobevans ladybobevans Oct 19, 2007 10:50 AM Flag

    i've seen my server

    I saw my server today. She was laughing and enjoying her time spent with her co-workers. She would rather read the newspaper or take a drink trying to hide in the work area from her manager. She is the same perspon who rolls her eyes when hot food is sold, and she is asked to deliver someone else's food. She is the same person who thinks it is ok to help herself to a biscuit at no cost. This is the employee on her cell phone making plans for after work.

    She is the same person who calls out, then gets mad when not enough of her co-workers come to work.

    She doesn't take direction well from her manager and participate when asked to do so, but she makes it a priority to know when she is going to be cut for the day, because she has personal business to attend to. Of course, only after she's made her personal daily quota, of which she might pay taxes on a small percentage. Imagine making $ 100 cash, and paying taxes on $ 20 of claimed income. Nice huh?

    Yet everyone else in the store is busting butt trying to cater to her guests, because she is too consumed in what she wants to do, and not focused on the company program.

    She is the person who I hear say "I need...", but doesn't want to help others in need.

    Perhaps if she would focus on service, I would see her at my table, or in her station doing her job, rather then expecting that team service will take care of all her needs.

    I've also seen my server be part of the problem not the solution. Guess this is why she has time to copy other folks postings and call them her own.

    Perhaps if my server would realize that if she would stop complaining, and do what the company is asking her to do, she might actually enjoy her time at the store more, have less to complain about, and ultimately participate in team service. Maybe then, more people would want to work at her store, and she wouldn't be expected to do as much.

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    • I have been reading these messages for several weeks now and just had to add my two cents; however, I need to change this to "have you seen a manager?" The Bob Evans we USED to vist for years seems to have absentee managers these days! However, if you look, you might find them at the back door smoking their precious cigarettes or if you listen you can hear them cussing out the wait staff and/or grill line!!! The last few times I was in this restaurant the only manager we saw was the general manager and she only came out to berate a server because she didn't tell the cook something that caused the cook to go on a LOUD screaming fit so the manager took it out on the waitress including using the F word so anyone within her screaming distance (the whole restaurant) could hear her - I don't expect to hear that kind of language from someone providing a service to me - everyone around us was in awe of what they heard!! So, it was my last visit there. I am sure the one a few miles up the highway will be happy to take our money without adding the verbal abuse!!! The new management at this restaurant (to put it bluntly) SUCKS!! I won't tell you which one it is (exactly) but it is a little north of Dayton Ohio. Can't Bob Evans hire managers with a little more class????

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      • jwisni2952 Oct 23, 2007 11:22 AM Flag

        I can fully appreciate your frustration with this situation. This sort of behavior on the part of a specific manager is in defensible and should be addressed. I would suggest that you make use of the BOBE website and/or contact the district manager.
        That being said, I must deride your last question. Of course BOBE can hire managers with class and they do! Your experience at that restaurant is unforgivable. It should not, however, reflect on the management pool as a whole. Most store level management across the industry, and retail as well, have been having a tough time the past few years. Companies like BOBE and SHLD expect more and more of management. There comes a time when physical limitations literally limit the amount of things that can be accomplished in a day. The expectation is that 36 hours of tasks (as laid out by the company) can be completed in 15 hours time. It is simply not possible by management or employees to meet these expectations with the type of labor, food cost, margin, and bottom line numbers that the companies demand.
        I believe that companies, like BOBE, SHLD, and I'm sure many others, would do well to heed the words of Rep. John M. Mchugh (R, NY). "It is not unusual to hear businessmen and women discuss the obligation of their companies to stockholders. While these responsibilities exist, it's rare to here about the responsibility a company should have to it's workers. ...We should recognize as well that stocks aren't the only investment made in a company. Millions of Americans invest their hard work and livelihoods in these companies. When tough decisions have to be made at the corporate level, we should maintain a public policy that doesn't forget about the men and women on the front lines of business."
        Too many times, corporate level management forget who really allows them their million dollar + salaries, bonuses and options. They would do well to remember, those who giveth (the store level staff and management) can also taketh away. Loyalty and dedication are a two way street.

    • jwisni2952 Oct 19, 2007 3:56 PM Flag

      Awesome post. Dittos to you. As jrazyb said, you hit the nail on the head and articulated my thoughts much better than I did. Although there are a few really good servers out in the stores, most of them would do well to remember that EVERYONE in the store is serving the customer. Teamwork and "help" is a two way street. Don't expect it if you don't give it.

    • You nailed it dead center on this one. This was what I was trying to say with my last post, but you said it better than I ever could.

      Well said!!!!

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