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  • newbobe01 newbobe01 Oct 4, 2008 5:40 PM Flag

    This message board is worthless!

    I couldn't agree with you more! Virtually all these boards have become are free postings for the shills wanting to sell their so called "services" and 500% increase no-miss stocks.

    As you can see by my screen name, I have significant skin in the game with Bob Evans. I absolutely agree they are a solid company. My family has been in them since 1975 and has made extremely good money, myself included. But, management got burnt 20 years ago and pulled out of the Chicago market. Then came the fiasco called "Cantina Del Rio" which their now since deceased former CEO perpetrated. Now, they are putting viturally all their eggs in the Mimi's basket which I think is a huge mistake. Mimi's in not bad, but especially in down economies, good old consistent well priced comfort food rules. I know they won't, but if they ever franchised, I would buy the Wisconsin territory in a heartbeat. I have many friends in that area that have eaten at Bob Evans while traveling and love it!

    Uncle Bob

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    • Well I have been a Peter Lynch type investor and I discovered Bob Evans by accident. I think I went to the one in Toledo Ohio first. It was close to a Direct Tire outlet. Since I drive a lot and there are no Direct Tire outlets in Massachusett I avail myself when there is one nearby and there was a Bob Evans restaurant close by. I needed to wait a while for my car so I had lunch. And what a lunch it was for not much money. I am a sucker for pulled pork and I really liked the Bobe version . Later on another trip I took my wife to one in Willoughby Ohio. My wife really liked it too. If anything it was even better than the one in Toledo though Toledo was great too. Since then we have been to at least 6 more and they are distinguished by good management, good food, low prices. The wait staff seems friendly, hard working and knowledgeable about the company and seem to have fun working there. This is very important in retaining good people. I believe that it one reason that Southwest airlines are on top of the game. They can have some fun at work. Unfortunately there are no BOBE in Massachusetts. I bought a little last week but it seems I was a bit premature. Oh well have to hold for a long while. Long BOBE

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      • noone is happy working in the Bob Evans corporate environment. Steve Davis is a bully and he hire fast food guys to run full service restaurants... go figure he is a is an ego maniac...and a little over his head in running a billon dollar business. not to mention what they have done to the food quality to mimis cafe... .

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