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  • newbobe01 newbobe01 Mar 25, 2010 12:20 PM Flag


    So all of this is well and fine, although I have a real hard time buying your story, just like any of your other posts. So if your story is even half true, I then have to ask you the obvious question- WHAT IN H*LL IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU OLD COOT? If you have that kind of history and warm memories and know the Evans family as well as you say you do, then why do you post the complete and utter Bullsh*t that you do? Or are you just naturally an As*hole? While I do have some concerns about the current management and I am not at all sold on the Mimi's concept and all the money that was paid to acquire it, I am still supportive of the current management. Again, they are certainly doing 100 times better than old Dan Evans and 1000 times better than Stewart Owens did. While I know your posts are pure Bullsh*t with absolutely no merit, other people may not. So get your issue out on the table and then shut the h*ll up dumba*s.

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