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  • bethpowersnf bethpowersnf Feb 4, 2014 8:11 AM Flag

    Your stupid if your money is here

    Wow!! Steven Davis is the worst CEO ever!! This is a dying company because of him. They are sacrificing customer service to create short term cash flow. They have lowered the quality of food dramatically, it is horrible, they have cut there labor so much that service is horrible, the turn over rate on management is threw the roof and all new management has no idea what is going on and the restaurants are very disorganized. Over the last 5 years I have watch this company slowly go down hill and now they are at there bottom. Cracker Barrel is stealing all there customers. It's simple, look at the numbers! Customer count year after is dropping dramatically while Cracker Barrels is increasing dramatically. So the smart people are investing in Cracker Barrel, just look at there pps and how the stock has doubled every year for the last five years. Bob Evans no longer caters to there customer, the refresh looks nice but it does not make up for the horrible service and pee-poor food quality they now have. Anyone ever stop to think maybe that's how they are trying to pay back the money invested in there "refresh"? How ignorant to do that..... Way to chase your customers to your competitors!! Need a new CEO!!!

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    • He took a company that wasn't broken and broke it. Too many changes, too much wasteful spending, and making changes to delay what was really happening to the businesses. Shame on him and the Board for allowing this to happen to a once great organization.

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      • You hit the nail on the head with that one. As kids, didn't we all learn not to fix something that wasn't broken? I have been a long time customer/investor and I am just blown away by the ignorance here. I also travel a lot and eat at different locations around the country and it is truly horrible company wide. I remember when they took bussers away and now you wait for ever to get a table even tho the place isn't busy, it's just full of dirty tables. Next was the coffee, why change that at a breakfast place? What they replaced it with was horrible. The list goes on and on, but what really gets me now is with there refresh they add this fake looking bakery, it sits behind a plastic case with no backing to it leaving open to air exposure. There were all kids of flies going in and out of this thing and stuck to a few of the glazed donuts. It looked very appetizing (NOT!). Seems as if they did not think any of this threw. Seems as if they are aimlessly reaching for ideas. If they were smart they would have expanded there retail. Once again, another reason why Cracker Barrel does so well. One other huge trun off which made me stop eating there after 30 year was the act that every time I went there over the last 6 months is that they beg you from the time you walk in to the time you leave to buy something. I HATE that!! Are they selling used cars or food? Cause food sells itself. They are that hard up that they make there employees do that? It's no longer Bob Evans to me. Steven Davis needs to be fired for destroying what was once a company that no one could touch when it came to speed of service, customer service and quality of food.

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