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  • dobbie17 dobbie17 Feb 2, 1998 3:23 PM Flag

    Good first impression

    My family and I were in the Hershey PA area this past summer on a combo business/vacation trip. We ate dinner at a Bob Evans and found the food delicious, the staff friendly and efficient and the premises clean(I dont take that for granted). I was so impressed that When I came across the DRIP program for BOBE a couple of months ago I enrolled. I am not a financial wiz but I know what I like and I buy it.

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    • It's always good to hear of new customers becomming shareholders!

      For you guys out west, too bad you don't have a Bob Evans to visit. You don't know what you're missing.

      Here's a quick story about their service that will impress you, too (I hope):

      Working on the road, I found myself in a strange town and hungry.
      I saw the Bob Evans right near the major intersection where they
      always are (easy to find in a strange town).

      I remembered seeing the "Chicken Pasta Supreme" on TV a couple nights before (which could almoust be called "unfair advertising"
      **grin**) so I stopped in for a bite.

      The waitress seated me, brought me a glass of milk and buttermilk
      biscuits. From my seat at the counter, I could see that the cook
      must have been fairly new and was having a hard time keeping up.
      I smiled and enjoyed my biscuts and waited patently reading my paper.

      I lost track of the time, but after I had finished my paper I still had no Chicken pasta. The waitress finally came with my food and sat it down in front of me and laid the bill face down on the counter. I second lady stepped up and picked up the bill,
      folded it in half and put it into her pocket saying, "This one's
      on us, 20 minutes is to long to wait." (I think she was the manager).

      The food was great, and it wasn't like I was mad & complaining like some do when hungry, but I was impressed by her action and
      soon as I got home, I sent off another check to buy more shares for my DRIP.

      Some places will let you wait, serve you cold food, and treat you bad. While I know that I paid for my meal by the dilution of earnings on the bottom line, I appreciate a company who treats their customers like they are important!

      Even if I wasn't a share holder, I would still recommend Bob Evans to friends and family.

      Keep up the good work!!!

    • any body know why price jumped today??

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