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  • bobe1212 bobe1212 Aug 20, 1998 9:34 PM Flag

    selling bobe

    I believe the stockholder proposel telling the
    board to consider selling the company should be
    supported and the board as well as management should
    listen.I have been a share holder since the early 80's and
    am still waiting for bobe's value to be
    recognised.After all we shareholders don't have the options
    management and the directors have

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    • Besides Cheryl Krueger, Howard J Berry did a
      trade in March 98involving 15,603 shares for a cash
      gain of $177, 406 . While this is not a lot of money
      to a corp. this size it does seem to happen
      routinely at option time. I realize that this is a way of
      compensating bd. members for a job well done,, however BOBE's
      profits have not been all that great. BOBE operates a
      great restuarant, and I wouldn't change a thing in the
      day by day operation however I have some concern
      about some of the management policies at the bd level.
      -- more later .

    • You better look out the window, the guys in the
      white suits, driving the little blue bus,are looking
      for you to take you back to the funny farm.. That is
      not Bob Evans funny farm either. Please don't answer
      this post, because I have more important things to do,
      rather than post to a nut like you. If you had a large
      amount of money in this company you would not be making
      what you think are jokes, on this post board.

    • sage i thought was what one had with investing in stocks like BOBE we know you are a DA or you wouldnt open your mouth and let your brains fall out!!-Brian

    • The hog price closed yesterday $43.10 up $1.30.
      By the way where is Bob Evans ? Is he still down on
      the farm? He is not making sausage any more and it
      sure tastes like it too. He used to make good sauSAGE
      with a lot more sage in it. Sage has a lot of healing
      power in it.

    • If you saw Bob as you stated in post #592 why are
      you asking who in the heck this guy is????And was
      there EVER a Bob Evans ...well YOU were the one who
      said you saw him....does he exist???? Anyway lets keep
      this board on the subject of Bobe stock!!! Thanks you

    • I did see a KFC ad with the animated colonel.
      Didn't look like the Colonel in advertising from back in
      the late 60's early 70's (now I've dated

      KFC is one "restaurant" chain where the image of the
      founder is prominently featured, but even that has been
      downplayed recently until the Pillsburgy doughboy version.
      Other "restaurant" is Wendy's where Dave Thomas is
      featured in advertising but that is pretty tongue in cheek

    • Chickemmen: What are your thoughts concerning
      future earnings? $15 to $20 sows this quarter vs. $35 to
      $40 last quarter would appear to herald significant
      earnings in the food group. How do you think this will
      impact stock price?

    • I'll bet Colonel Sanders would roll in his grave
      if he saw what KFC is doing with HIS
      charechature(sp?) lately, too! The guy looks like a cross between
      the Colonel & Santa Clause...with a stupid laughing,
      dancing bit.....

      regarding BOBE, I saw the new
      commercials about the grocery store items...sausage and bread
      items....very nice commercial, nicely done! I could almost
      smell the cinnamon rolls!

      I've always felt that
      resturant commercials should focus on the food...this
      commercial did a very good job of that!

      Maybe the
      company is already aware of the grocery stores that DON'T
      carry their products and perhaps this will help
      convince them! (after all, such a commercial is free
      advertising for the stores that carry Bob's

      Looking for better days ahead!

    • asking whether there ever was a Bob Evans as the
      chickemmen in message 592 who claims to have just talked to
      Bob Evans?

      What is the fixation with Bob's
      picture? I don't recall pictures of Wendy in Dave Thomas'
      restaurant chain or Ray Kroc either. I don't recall fixating
      on pictures in Marie Calendar's either. Should I
      also be looking for pictures of the Denney family,
      Perkin family, Shoney family, or Carrow family too?

    • I only see one option exercised by a director,
      Cheryl Krueger, almost three months ago, and it was only
      for 5,000 shares. Do you consider that a lot? Doesn't
      seem like it to me. I do think some of them should own
      more stock, however.

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