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  • primemeridian primemeridian Nov 21, 1998 8:47 PM Flag

    bobe & crbl debate cont'd(sorry just cou

    I noticed that BOBE earinings were up over 30%, but CRBL was only up about 8%....

    sorry, couldn't resist......

    go bobe!!!!!!

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    • I went to a Cantina del Rio--in fact, the very
      one now described in an earlier post as an
      eyesore--half a dozen times. The last two times I dragged
      friends in there to have a quail dish that was absolutely
      superb, without question the best menu item I have ever
      seen at any chain restaurant. (They all agreed, by the

    • I don't put much faith in reading technical
      charts. Either this is a good company to own or it isn't
      at the current price.

      I think you should hold
      tight and not buy anymore shares until a week or so
      before the next earnings release. Without looking at
      charts, my history with BOBE indicates that the stock
      will stay in its current trading pattern until some
      new information comes out. If you feel positive about
      the company and the next earnings release, try to get
      a good price heading into the next announcement. I
      don't think we will see 26 before the next

    • Yes, Minnie was a great person and what a looker
      with those cutting edge of fashion chapeaus! Just have
      to brag that my hometown (Granville, Ohio) is
      finally opening their own BOBE. This space is too short
      to outline the unbelievable hurdles to get it in
      here. Once approved by the village council, it ran into
      a organized effort by a bunch of rabid
      anti-development types who used every possible means to discourage
      BOBE. They even objected to the shade of red paint used
      by BOBE! Now, controlled growth is fine and I'm not
      for crapping in my own backyard but this battle was
      truly amazing. It finally came down to a referendum
      vote and obviously BOBE won. I believe it can be said
      that this is the only BOBE in the country brought in
      with voter approval. It finally opens its doors on
      Monday. Fire up that coffee pot!

      BTW, Granville is
      a little slice of Norman Rockwell New England
      located about 30 miles east of Columbus. Its a great
      place notwithstanding the disproportionate population
      of "save the unborn gay baby whales" activists.

    • remember this one? $1000 invested in KYFC years
      ago would have netted out some 1+mil so we gave
      minnie pearl(a me too stock) a whirl-she was a great
      person but had lousy chicken or something-perhaps too
      many roosters in the pot-who knows. Brian

    • Brian, Milboman...I understand what you guys are
      saying, but this darned thing looks more and more like
      we're gonna see another pop before long.....I'm shaking
      my head in disbelief even as I'm typing
      stocks grow to the sky?....but dang, the technicals are
      looking better and better.....

      if I had any money
      left, I think I'd try to buy somemore shares of BOBE
      just to see if we get another run.....guess I'll have
      to just sit back and enjoy the ride if it
      materializes....maybe the stock has just been undervalued for so long
      that it still has another spurt left.....hey, if it
      does, I'll take it!

      dominic461 , thanks for the
      kind words, but really you can't rely on these boards
      for stock market as much as you can,
      study all you can, join NAIC (hey, what does it cost,
      $40 bucks or so)....remember that nobody's advice is
      infallable...even mine(hate to say it)....after all, I lost a half
      a ton waiting for Boston Chicken to turn around
      (shhh...don't tell Chickemmem...) good luck, invest in some

    • nice to hear from you.....

      not sure if you
      were looking for an easy way into BOBE or CHKR, BOBE
      is easy to get into with the DRIP program....write
      or call corporate for details, but I think you can
      start with $25...NO FEES!!!....

      CHKR is not hard
      to get into, you can get 1,000 shares for like a few
      hundred bucks....good chance the value of shares may go
      down over there, especially if they do reverse
      split....the upside is in the merger possibility with one of
      their many 'sister companys'(RLLY,CKR,GPO,Fidelity
      National-sorry couldn't think of their ticker)I doubt the
      company would be bought out at any kind of premium, if
      anything they may be forcing the share price down before
      the merger to make it a cheaper deal for the
      company....but remember that after the merger, you would then
      hold shares in a stronger company.....

      I like
      the growth prospects of BOBE better....I only have a
      small dollar amount in RLLY & CHKR as a specuation
      (made a quick double in RLLY about a year

      Concerning Toledo, I think they are doing fine....I go thru
      there every once in a while....that mayor they got is a
      real charector, but he is getting things done!
      Downtown is looking much better, and a LOT of growth on
      the west side(BOBE has a couple resturants over
      there-in high traffic areas, of course)You would be
      supprised if you went back to toledo and saw how nice it is

      You might want to read a couple books by Peter
      Lynch...he gives you some good ideas on starting into the
      stock market....also try NAIC at have lots of drip info as well as instructions on
      stock analysis, etc

      hope that helps, hope you
      make a lot of money!

      now go have breakfast at
      Bob Evans, and stop in for a Champburger for lunch!

    • after hearing chicken talk about bobe came over to have a peek.after 5 years i want out everbody is dead over there at cbrl .the stock oweners need to wake up.

    • SOWENS, welcome back. I guess like spouses, friends, chlidren and yes stockholders, when things are going well, all is well. Let's keep pushing toward $30.00.Shaggy

    • super!

      once again you guys are a step
      ahead of us on the message board!

      good job this
      past quarter, and I'm confident we have even better
      ones comming! Nice little run up in the share price
      lately, too!

      I was in Toledo the other day and see
      the resturant on Monroe St comming along...looks like
      it will be the same type as the one on Reynolds
      Rd....very nice!

      Keep up the good work! ( it keeps
      the message board friendlier when the stock price is
      goin up)

    • check out the HAUP board(yahoo) message 990 for comment on BOBE and if you like 994 my response to it. draw you own conclusions.Brian

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