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  • primemeridian primemeridian Dec 18, 1998 11:46 AM Flag


    looks like we're breaking out again!

    high can it go? who cares, as long as it keeps

    BOBE must have been "so undervalued for so long" for
    it to take off like this again!

    Go, man, go!

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    • same to you--Brian

    • Brian, Chickemmen and all, may the holidays be
      happy and safe and may the new year be rewarding to
      all. For those of us who are fortunate in 1999, let us
      remember those who are not. Share the wealth. God bless,
      be happy, be safe and be yourself.

      Let's get
      some peace and harmony back on board, enough of the
      name calling. We all have ideas to share, and we won't
      all agree on all of them, but name calling is not the
      answer either. Heck we all may be "dickheads" in our own
      ways, who knows. Anyhow enough rambling. Merry
      Christmas, happy Hanuka(?) sorry about the spelling, no
      intention to hurt feelings, happy Kwanza and whatever other
      celebrations there may be.


    • No intention of hitting and running. Been around
      for awhile, long on BOBE and keeping up with the
      postings, etc. Admittedly, I'm not as well versed in the
      market as others who post here, so I do alot of reading
      and don't usually post. Suscribe to the old saying,
      "rather be quiet and thought a fool, than to open your
      mouth and remove all doubt". In this case however, I
      found myself reading BRIANHUNT51's ramblings and for
      some subliminal reason needed to respond to it. Had to
      create an alias in order to do that, therefore a
      creation date of today.

      Not planning on hitting and
      running, in fact My BALLS are here to stay.

      if I offended anyone, Apologies to you too
      BRIANHUNT51, while you may in fact be a dickhead, I have no
      basis of knowledge to have made that statement. But
      seriously lighten up buddy, we're all making money
      (hopefully), so what if someone's made more, or is claiming to
      have split their way into a nice chuck of BOBE. Be
      happy with what you have and use your powers for good,
      not evil !

      Happy Holidays to all,

      G. BALLS

    • why don't you do a little research for your self,
      and maybe you will not be so quick with your tongue.
      You just may learn a few things also. I have always
      been told if you don't know what you are talking
      about, to keep your mouth shut, and people will not know
      how dumb you are.

    • as the saying goes-i am glad you did the research-thanks-Brian

    • I see that your alias "mr_golfballs� was created just today. It looks like you want to just �hit and run�. Maybe you should have chosen the name �no balls�.

    • Chill out dude !

      I read this message
      board to gather information and see how others view
      this stock, not to listen to dickheads like you.

      Embellishment is a way of life, especially on message boards.
      However in this case, it wasn't embellishment, you were
      called out and proven that your tirade was unnecessary
      and uncalled for.

      Please let it rest before
      you stroke out and my social security goes for your

      BTW, just so you know upfront, I refuse to get into a
      pissing contest with you, and will not reply to any
      anticipated responses this may illict from you.

    • i suppose then we are to take everything as the gospel?? better have some documentation or your words will be taken very lightly-Brian

    • that someone has enough smarts, how to do the
      numbers, because I was getting tired of arguing about
      something I knew was right. I have to also thank Rocky666
      for helping them understand the truth. I do a lot of
      research and get compensated for it, I will not argue any
      more on this board to get a point understood in
      reasearching on numbers. Some people just don't know or have
      the means how to do so.

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