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  • gritsgrits gritsgrits Jun 19, 1999 6:52 AM Flag

    Drive Thru info

    Hey, what is the latest info on the two locations that have the drive thru windows? Has anyone used them? Will they boost same store sales?

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    • This is the type of hype and guesswork that we
      need to keep off the board. As you see this guy is so
      full of hype he is saying BOBE would be at $18 by
      10/1..... look folks we are near 13 and falling.... wake up
      and get the blinders off.

    • These shares are getting close to book value.
      It's hard to believe they can go a whole lot lower. If
      that's so, then what's the upside potential? Will the
      price stay at these levels indefinitely? From these
      levels, every jump of only $1.50 is a 10% increase,
      better than a savings account.

    • yes the management team needs to take care of us shareholders but, we need to take care of ourselves too! Looks like a good time to buy!

    • card9900
      I could not agree with you more!!!
      The CLAIM of "higher costs", but sales are
      increasing, is an easy scapegoat for shareholders who either
      don't care or don't see the big picture, on S. High
      St.!! They have been buying hogs at incredible low
      prices for sometime & sales are in fact up - they should
      be making so much money that they need box cars to
      carry it to the bank. I think if all the the business
      decisions and previous expansions have finally caught up
      with them, and are now STARTING to effect the EPS. For
      instance: (1)Cantina Del Rio (aka Senior Bob's)- DEAD DOG
      (2)Hickory smoked specialites - DEAD DOG (3) Mrs. Giles
      salad - Dead Dog (4)Owens Family Rest- dying on the
      vine. They should have been focusing on for shareholder
      value. I am not convinced that BOBE and shareholder
      value go hand in hand. Enough is enough on the perks.
      Sell the Jet, sell the Race Cars and drop the golden

      Change them all!!! Now Mr. Evans wants to bring in his
      protege, for the past several years. This is going to be
      like pouring gas on a fire. They nedd to bring in
      someone like a protege of say Jack Welch's. GE has
      performed pretty well over the years. BRING IN SOMEONE FROM

    • <EOM>

    • Today's news on BOBE and their earnings decline
      is further justification for new leadership at the
      top of this company. One thing for sure- the family
      click at the top are certainly not suffering as they
      continue with the perks and luxuries, while the stock has
      remained stagnant for the past 2+ years. Its time for a
      change friends. Time for a change.

    • The name of the game is "making money". The
      problem with BOBE is that there are value plays
      everywhere. BOBE may be cheap, but other names are just as
      cheap and their respective industries have a little
      more pop in them. Investors are rotating out of dead
      issues and getting into some jazzier names.

      still have some DRIP shares and am adding each month. I
      have sold out of some trading positions though as this
      value play is taking too long to unfold.

    • I've been waiting and waiting for this stock to
      bust out, the numbers all look good, but no rise in
      stock price. I've lost the faith, and if I see it go to
      around $21 or above again I am getting rid of this. I
      hate to throw in the towel, but there is too much else
      out there that has been rising over the last 2

      Good luck to all, this is usually a sign of great
      things to come for a stock - after I sell.

    • whiz!

    • I couldn't possible hold you to a bet like would have needed to agree BEFORE the

      and it was half in jest anyhow.....

      but you
      are definately an honorable man to

      regarding bet on where it will sit on Nov 1....nope, I
      really don't do "price targets".....(as you will recall,
      I didn't really bet on a price target this last
      time, I only bet that it would not

      haven't had much chance to look at the indicators on bobe
      the last few days, (been buisy working on a pet
      project of mine)....

      but next time I get a chance
      to look, I'll post my opinion for all to

      just remember, I'm no "stock wizzard" by any
      means...and can be just as wrong as the next guy....only
      posting my opinions here, not giving investment

      the ONLY investment advise I give is "don't take
      stock tips from strangers on message

      good luck

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