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  • primemeridian primemeridian Aug 27, 2001 9:45 PM Flag

    Buffet Buys BOBE!!!!


    guess that was ODP, another company I own.....

    sorry to get your hopes up!......

    looks like were're getting close to breaking out above the recent 52 week high, though!

    think we can do it????????

    good luck!

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    • Here is the typical runup in price before the board meeting.

      BTW, I am surprised that bonuses are based on EPS and sales growth and not share price. It seems all three ought to be included. Anyone can build more stores and put a 3-4 percent price increase through to achieve sales growth. EPS is managed by the buyback program so these goals don't do much for me. Now if BOBE management is able to get the share price up, then we are all happy and I can see a bonus being paid.

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      • I'm not that smart.

        How does the BOD manipulate this stock?

        I look at the daily historical quotes and we've probably not averaged more that 70,000 shares a day.

        Can the BOD really do that on such low volume?

        Seems to me the price is up because there's more buyers than sellers.

        If you guys believe otherwise, I'd say you should probably sell while the price is up. Seize the Day!

        If I was giving raises for share price, I guess the execs would deserve about an 50% increase over the past few years.I loaded up at $13 and $14 in '99-2000.

        P.S. Yea Chicken, I said something positive. Guess that makes me an insider.

      • Let's see .... The BOD drives the price up before every Annual Meeting and then lets it drop afterward ....

        Average price 8 weeks prior to 2000 meeting was $16.79

        Price on Annual Meeting Day closed at $17.00
        Whopping gain of .21

        Average price 8 weeks after the 2000 Meeting was $17.38

        Guess they made a mistake last year?

        Average price (2 to 8 weeks out) prior to 2001 meeting was $19.23.

        Closed yesterday at $20.02.
        Gain of .79 with 2-weeks to go.

        If you think the BOD is driving up the price then maybe you should ask for Quarterly Meetings instead of Annual ones!

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