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Virginia Hills Oil Corp. Message Board

  • fabulouspoodle fabulouspoodle Aug 23, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    bought into this cripe today.....

    ..couldnt resist. But I guess I'm a sucka for junky Canuckian undervalued resource plays. And I dont have any right now. I gotta junky Canuckain resource stock jones. Dont get me wrong...this thing looks ridiculously cheap, way way way under tangible book, and very cheap on a p/e basis as well.

    Still, these Canuckian stocks just like to head lower. And when you ask them, 'why are you heading lower when you're so cheap alreay?'; they just respond; 'I'm a junky canuckian resource stock...its what I am....its what I do....."

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