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  • deeregrey deeregrey Apr 26, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    No thanks for your dividend, loser!

    Will NEVER consider you again in the future.

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    • Both of your posts are beyond immature & silly. This has been a very well run Company for years with a great reputation in the Industry. As stated below, the only way you could have lost any serious money on this security would have been if you were buying just to "capture" one dividend payment.

    • I still lost substantial amount of money even with the dividend. I didn't mind the losses and sold all my shares of this turd. Goodbye FOREVER!

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      • I have no idea how you lost money and I agree with the others, this is not a day trading stock., I had this stock for 3 years and I was speculative on a 6% dividend when it comes to L.P.'s, not that many companies with high yields have a consistent growth patterns. Its a well run company and so far I have a huge return on my money by holding on to it for the long run and buying more shares. . I have seen this stock rise and fall in their prices but their dividends remain constant which in fact this company raised their dividend rates twice.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • I'm not sure how you lost money unless you were only in the stock for a day. This is definitely not a day trading equity. I have owned TGP for 2 years and have a total positive return of 23%. That's about 11.5% annualized return. While the stock price has not increased much in those 2 years, I have reinvested all of the dividends and that is what has been the difference.

        While 11.5% isn't a gang buster return, I was tired of getting .1% in my savings account and wanted to put my cash at minimal risk but still have the opportunity to earn some money. Treasuries, municipal bonds, CDs, and other low-risk investments just aren't cutting it and haven't been worthwhile investments over the past 5 years.

        Just my 2 cents. Perform your own due diligence to determine if TGP is right for you and your investment objectives.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • That's what you get for playing dividend capture games. You're trying to outsmart all the other guys playing the same game. Studies have shown that on the whole people lose money when using a dividend capture strategy.

        The problem is not the company, it's you and others like you.
        Good riddance.

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