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  • im_long_in_2003 im_long_in_2003 Oct 9, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    I don't feel sorry for the shorts...

    ...because they took their position after weighing the facts...they just made a tactical error.

    It's the ex-employees I feel sorry for. They have known this company since the good days, lost their jobs, then watched the vehicle of their anger drop month after month. But what happened? The economy hit bottom and a slow recovery started. The new, leaner, HHGP-free MNST emerged with the real promise of enjoying solid margin growth.

    Unfortunately for the ex-employee crowd, they were unable to wash the #$@% from their eyes and see the company as the cash cow it was re-becoming. It must hurt to have known this company inside and out and had to sit on the sidelines and seethe as it climbs to new highs...and the recovery isn't even in full stride (yet).

    Watch for 0.11 to 0.12 real GAAP earnings for Q3 and continued slow, steady growth throughout 2004. My message hasn't changed...

    - I'm Long in 2003

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    • I don't see why you should feel sorry either, don't worry about the shorts. I shorted this on the news of the addtl $6M shares and took profits, nice lil profit for a days work. It dipped its nose into the gap on Friday and bounced from that area.

      Will be watching for further weakness for a good entry. From what I am seeing, it seems the $6M shares are to add fuel to the cash-burn fire, not for supposed future acquisitions. Time will tell...

    • From what I understand, MNST doesn't really give much in the way of options to its employees anyway so how does an employee at Monster benefit if the stock even goes to 50 and the p/e goes to 200?

      My guess is any former employee at Monster left to go to a company like Sonus or Netflix and got a boat load of options. Take a look at the charts for those companies:

      I suspect that most current employees at Monster still have options that remain out of the money.

    • Is it time to short if it goes above $30?

      I agree MNST is likely to report .12 (or beat est by .01); and .12 is only down 14% versus same quarter last year.

      Is a 78 P/e too high to pay for negative growth, or growth of 20% annually for next 5 years?

      Now, Don't compare this to Yahoo's 100%+ y/y quarterly increase. That's just unfair. Yahoo is operating in an economic rebound environment.

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