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  • salpleasego salpleasego May 8, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    $200M repurchase

    Fooled - you won on the $100K down by the end of last week - I admit when I'm wrong - good luck.

    The $200M repurchase is an empty promise here is why. It's for the next 2 years - Monster is already $20+M in debt (long term debt - cash and cash equiv) so unless it's going to borrow the money or sell more blood it can't buy that many shares.

    Best case is $20-30M in real earnings (not the before anything that matters earnings that Sal reports) a year. That's cash to spend on things and that is best case means that over the next 24 months they can buy 20-25% (50M ish) of the $200M unless they have a linkedin quarter with 70%+ growth YoY.

    This short term bump has been seen many times before - it's not going to hold.

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    • You have so much negativity on this stock that you just cannot see the turnaround.

      This is the 1st time in the last 5 earning releases stock is up 15% after the release.

      They have not even started the buyback yet and I suspect they wont buy because they will be taken over shortly.
      Company is currently focused and is not spread out. NA operations have bottomed.
      Most of the revenue loses are Europe focused and will recover with the economy there.

      I am not providing excuses for the management here this company is badly managed and management deserves all the blame for wasting money and expanding unnecessarily.

      Stock @ $4.9 is a different story currently with an annual EBITDA of 200million this stock is trading @ 2.5x which is a joke. Reasonable multiple should be 4-5x.

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