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  • salpleasego salpleasego May 16, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Hotjobs Question

    Does anybody know the details on the Hotjobs/Yahoo deal that is about to expire?

    They had a 3 year deal to provide jobs/search for Yahoo but that would be expiring this summer as the deal closed in August of 2010. It looks like Monster pays Yahoo in addition to the $225 based on clicks and such - is that in the marketing budget and part of the reason it's $50M a quarter? Has to be - what else could they be spending their money on?

    What I would like to know is - does Monster pay additional revenue to Yahoo for the search or does Yahoo pay Monster? What happens at the end of the term, is there a new deal in the works, does Monster pay Yahoo or the other way around?

    The last time a big deal like this expired it was bad for Monster - AOL - that's when Careerbuilder took the lead in the US. Now that Monster is #3 in the US behind Careerbuilder and Linkedin do they have to keep Yahoo even though it's obviously been a horrible deal for them?

    I'm pretty sure whatever the choices are Sal and team will make the wrong decision but any details on this would be appreciated.

    How much traffic comes from Yahoo through the deal?

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    • According to Alexa Yahoo makes up 11% of UV's and without that Careerbuilder would be in the clear lead. For some reason Monster thinks that's important based on them saying it on their earnings call that their UV's were higher than Careerbuilder last year.

      I think they have to do the deal and Yahoo will take advantage of them. If they don't do the deal the slide will accelerate - this is yet another no win situation that Sal and the team have put the company in. Figure $10M a quarter for the traffic and Monster paid $335M for an increase in revenue of 2%.

      Read the press release on the Hotjobs from the CEO of careerbuilder - almost all of it came true. I bet they make a deal with Yahoo just to stick it to Monster again.

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