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  • nichols629 Nov 7, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    Where is SALPLEASEGO??

    No words of wisdom from the biggest MWW basher out there? 90 million for HALF on the Korean business. Sounds to me like the company is worth WAY more than the price per share shows. HUGE POP coming today!

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    • I'm here - trouble with yahoo today.

      Have fun - take the gains but nothing has changed. Sal found a sucker to give him money to buy time but nothing has changed - revenue still going down - not making a profit - no plan - thinks the company is undervalued - etc. etc. etc.

      Already heading back down - long run still going to zero. Any money he gets he will buy stock and then give it to him and his friends.........he's bought $70M this year and still the stock is down.

      Enjoy the moment it won't last.

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      • nichols629 Nov 7, 2013 2:12 PM Flag you not pay attention to earnings and how they work? YES..revenue was down but the company made 11 million dollars in profit in the quarter. I believe your post says the company is not making a profit? HUH? Linkedin (whom you love so dearly) had revenue of 393 million for the same period. Guess what....they lost THREE MILLION dollars for the quarter. I will take lower revenue with profit anyday as will most companies. After the sale is complete of Korea, Monster will have over 300 million in cash. Really dude??? Get a freaking clue! This is a CASH FLOW business. There are ZERO and I mean ZERO in the way of cost of goods sold. Biggest expense is payroll, which as demostrated in the past can be cut to improve the bottom line. 101 smart guy!

      • Fool, yeah people have 90 million to throw around.

        This is the third round of 20% gains for me.

        Iam still holding here.

    • He just hides!

      Come out and face the music fool.

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