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  • c78596998785 c78596998785 Jan 31, 2013 7:30 AM Flag

    continuation of thread - shaddowengineer

    Thanks for recalcing the numbers. The warrant situation here is very unique... something I have never seen before and a point I recently made is that it does have a misleading effect on screeners.... (that was the point of my question the other day)...

    Your comment of being a trader is to me right on the mark with PTN, this is where the PTN stock provides a value... unfortunately I have been making this point for a couple of years... and it appears that someone has listened and made it tougher to get in and out. At this time I have been long for about a week.

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    • Hi c78596998785,

      Good call on moving the thread, I was hoping you'll see my comment.
      First, I've read some of your previous comments in this thread, and they contain a wealth of knowledge; kudos.

      Despite the misleading numbers, would you consider 16%-17% inst. ownership at $60m market cap as a good indication (mainly for longs of course)?

      Would you happen to know the execution price on these warrants? I can't find it.

      Lastly, like your comment
      "Given your statements I would offer my opinion that you will have an opportunity to buy @ 60 cents +/- a penny or two... and you will have the opportunity to sell @70 cents +/- a penny or two. So I would not decide if I was selling or buying till the price tells me which opportunity I am looking at."

      I prefer to trade this stock and actually most small cap bio stocks simply b/c of their volatility and dilutions. Yet the number of days I own a stock like ptn per month is about 10 (trading days that is), idk what this hybrid style of investment called.

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      • My opinion on this stock is short term trading is the way to go. PTN at this price is a money loser for longs. They are years away from a marketable product and while the burn rate at idle is up for discussion, they will need some serious funding for the multiple phase 3 studies they will need.

        A partner is just another form of dilution...

        The warrants are exercisable at a penney a share. the stock was at 50 cents when the warrants were purchased at 49 cents...

        I take some satisfaction from turning a few pennies on PTN as during the mid/late 90's I took a hit... I sold out at $3 and that was before the 1 for 10 reverse split... Had I held... my $30 shares would be worth around 60 cents.

        Some years down the road if PTN brings a successful product to market it will payoff big to those that bought near that timeframe but institutional ownership or not I expect longterm holders to take a beating...

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